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deck the halls down house tour

i knew him and i’m terrified for his family’s sake. if you’ve ever been a single man in boston, you know what i’m talking about, the real boston men. these were the real boston men. the ones you really wanted to date and fuck and marry, even though you knew it wasn’t right. so the last thing you expected was that all the real boston men would line up outside his hospital room. because he was just one of them. yes, he’s more of an athlete. he’s built like a brick shithouse and probably weighs about two hundred pounds. but i don’t care. he’s a real boston man. when i saw him leaning against the wall, holding a lucky charms cereal box, i felt like i had just walked into a movie version of the “greatest show on earth.”

zayden is the most perfect man on the planet. sure, he’s short and looks like he smells like a dirty urinal. i’ll admit, he’s not good looking. but from the moment i met him, i knew he was the real deal. i knew he knew how to work it and i knew he could give me what i was looking for in the worst way. we’ve known each other for years. we both grew up with the same single mom who was single and single and single. and we grew up thinking we were cute and funny and cool, especially me. but growing up in a single family home, we were the only kids in our neighborhood that had actual parents. we were kind of an oddity, like the rest of the neighborhood from another era. zayden and i both have to work hard to make me feel like i’m in the right place. but zayden does it without even trying. even after years of dating, it always took me a while to realize who zayden really was, but when i did, i knew i had found the real deal.