Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege is a cooperative online shooter with a tactical component and a first-person view. This game want to show a completely different view of the standard battle between ten players in two teams. Five players are part of the attacking team, who must take control of a particular object and the other five players are defenders, whose task is to guard a point or object with all their might. The team can win a round by capturing the object or killing all the enemies.

Five years ago, the Rainbow Program was shut down. Since then the world has been plagued by a series of assassinations, terrorist acts, and abductions. The governments have asked the aid of the world’s best Operators as a last resort. Now, the time has come to prove yourself and put your tactics and tactical skills to the test. In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, you are a highly trained operative of the elite Rainbow unit. It is your duty to infiltrate, observe, and eliminate the hostile forces who threaten our world. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter in which you are a member of an elite counter-terrorist unit. You will be equipped with advanced weaponry, lethal gadgets, and your fellow Operators to take on the hostile forces who threaten our world. Through using the environment, weapons, and teamwork with your team, you will have to fight to stay alive in the hostile territory. The game is set in a fictional rendition of the real world, based on a variety of events and incidents that have taken place in the real world. It takes place in modern times, and as a member of the fictional Rainbow unit, you will have to use your tactical skills, firearm skills, and gadgetry to complete your objectives. The game is played by taking control of a protagonist known as the Operative. As the leader of a small team of expert operatives, your job is to infiltrate hostile territory, observe, map out the threat, and bring those responsible to justice.