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Paramore-All We Know Is Falling – Riot! Full Album Zip

to be fair, after laughter did contain a few songs that retuned to the sound of its predecessors, like getting ruined and perfect with you. but riot! was definitely a slight step away from the balladry and chamber pop that would come to define paramore for much of the decade. and that was the point. bringing things back from whence they came, this is a record that harkens back to the exhilarating pop-punk of its beginnings.

alongside festival gigs like the colossal reading festival , riot! was played live. williams has said that she wrote in the studio, with mistakes and imperfections of human frailty naturally adding to the song, and the recordings have a loose, unpredictable energy that was perfect for the arena. stronger is a relentless workout of bouncing choruses, marked by a stunning, hushed middle section in which the whole band pauses to let the lyrics sink in. peacock might even be the most epic song theyve ever created, its a twinkling piano-led ballad that would score the kind of final scene that doesnt leave anyone indifferent. and that was reflected in the multiple millionaire videos that fans fuelled – the first of which made hayley look a teensy bit like a my chemical romance hero, all time low frontman lowell.

the fact that, after a turbulent year in which hayley revealed her relationship with drummer jeremy davis was over, she was marrying him anyway, demonstrates two things; the musicians are one of the key couples in paramore; and williams continues to be one of the quirkiest personalities on the road. theres nothing overly confessional on riot! but its nonetheless a statement of total confidence in the band. when those two factors work hand in hand, its hard to be anything but confident.