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the term virus means the presence of a microscopic agent that reproduces in larger numbers and causes disease. this term is used for each new pathogen that is discovered, and the latest name for coronavirus seems to be ncov-2019. the original virus is named as sars-cov-2. the symptom of the virus is very similar to that of other coronaviruses. the similarities include having a long incubation period, disease mainly affecting the upper respiratory tract, and spread from person to person. many people do not have any symptoms. some mild symptoms will include a dry cough and shortness of breath. like many other respiratory viruses, people may present with no symptoms. the first case was found among members of the huanan wholesale seafood market in wuhan. this is an important observation in itself. if it had been a bakery, a small convenience store, or a fast food outlet it would have been impossible to quarantine the geographical area affected by the outbreak. the only reason the government was able to successfully contain the virus is that the first outbreak occurred in a market that sold exotic birds and other wildlife, and is one of the largest markets in china that serves several provinces. the wildlife market in wuhan was not quarantined until the week after. in the wuhan city of hubei province, and in the province of guangdong, the governments used a national level hotline to get information on any experience of a very common symptom, fever, to be able to detect any cases in the local area. several regions had closed some schools in order to contain the outbreak. in china, where there is a mandatory infectious disease reporting system, many outbreaks of influenza are reported and reported in a timely manner, leading to a very effective response.

the rhui has been a time of opportunity for digital pedagogies and technologies, free-range learning, and uninhibited reflection. when it first started, my institution, te rito maioha early childhood new zealand (te rito maioha), adopted a custom of not starting a new semester until the school year was rhuied. this meant that there would be no time to engage with students on the learning experiences that make up our university. the outbreak of the novel coronavirus into a public health crisis is affecting people’s everyday lives, and we have all been challenged to find a way to manage the situation efficiently and effectively, without panic and turmoil, even as we all need to maintain daily activities and routines. for example, the outbreak may have an effect on the quality of teaching and learning in many universities, particularly remote-learning. the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in wuhan initiated a two-week extension to the winter vacation, in response to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. for chinese universities, this may not have been a large issue, as most lecturers and teaching staffs are already based in beijing, so only a few are based in wuhan, while the lecturers in other regions can take their class online. universities now have to try to adjust their curricula to fit the pandemic situation. however, some schools may have a greater impact on teaching and learning than others, as the outbreak has a greater impact on remote learners, especially students studying outside the metropolis, as they are the most vulnerable. i had started my classes online on the last week of january 2020, along with all my colleagues. with very few students at my online teaching institution, after a few frantic weeks, i learned to use the most effective modes of online teaching, which were desk discussion, blackboard, and image-based slideshows. i also learned to use technological tools to support my instruction, such as the chat room and zoom, which allowed to engage students in interactive learning. i gradually forgot about my desire to see a classroom, and as i became satisfied with online learning and the prepared lectures, the desire to go home disappeared entirely, and the feeling of being quarantined at the university began to take its toll. my two eldest children, aged 9 and 11, missed their friends in the primary school, and their excursions to the park, shopping for lego kits, and touring museums with their friends. i missed the pleasant ambiance of the classroom, the interaction of students with their teacher and peers, the sound of whispering, the smell of the lunchroom, and the friendly chaos of students gathering in the cloakroom. 5ec8ef588b