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Some pretty creative stuff made it into the blender, and the resulting pot of goop is ready to be poured over your face. Please make sure you wear a comfortable, loose fitting, and preferably something with a pleather handle. You are Twitchy, a schizo little t-rex looking creature that gets caught in his own chompers. The animal world has just suffered a traumatic brain injury, and Twitchy, with its wild-eyed look and hyperactive nature, is the perfect solution. In short, Twitchy’s a place of wonderment and chaos, a world where he finds comfort in being a menace to all he sees. The world of Twitchy is a place full of monsters, mischief, and constant danger. The good news? You’re in control. Your engine of destruction has everything you need to handle everything that stomps, bites, runs, or leaps on your face. Simply avoid the hazards by ducking, turning, and dropping through hidden doors and passageways. Explore the bustling streets of Twitchy as you explore the world, scouring for collectibles and interacting with the inhabitants of this strange and marvelous place. You will be in for quite a ride if you do so. Backstory: It was originally going to be a scrolling shooter, but due to certain imponderables that crept into the game development scope it morphed into more of a first person point of view experience. Part of this is because I was designing the game thinking it would be set in a much larger environment, but it’s only the first few levels, and Twitchy is relatively alone, unlike the environments in, say, Galaxy on Fire, which I was designing around the idea of a player teaming up with other ships to fight against similar fleets. So as I designed things, it just worked better for me to have him swimming in a much larger place than I had originally anticipated, and to me, the best way to describe it is that it becomes a rhythmic, almost meditative pattern, where you’re just coasting into the blocks, trying to keep him facing the right direction. It’s a small, little game, and I expect it to go away after a week or so, and having all of the zombies in the game with a terribly weak female lead seemed like a bad idea to me, so I condensed the backstory to be about how he got stuck in such a place. Also, I know it’s original, but


Ripple Features Key:

  • Scenes graphically realized.
  • Different game modes (Single player, Multiparty, and BouncyBouncy).
  • Board plays with moving tickers.


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Guide Maria and her magical girls, Pinky, Sailor and Sailor Brown, on an adventure to stop bad guys from destroying the entirety of the world. Undo all the ill Metroid – LOOM WIP Description A Gothic/Steampunk Metroidvania. Controls Arrow Keys – Movement Z – Jump X – Double Jump Space – Action A – Attack R – Run B – Jump into a piece of machinery B- Item Insertion Up Arrow – Flashlight Down Arrow – Astrolabe PageUp – Change Battery PageDown – Investigate item Ctrl – Pause Alt – Toggle/Switch between Energy Gauge and Eco Meter Home/End – Save and Load Start – Switch to the Game’s Main Menu Exit – Exit the Game It does use the.ini file (which I wrote). I have a few more items I plan to add but they’re mostly platform and weapon related. I would like to add a few more variations of weaponry, i.e. Fists, Swords, Battle Axes, Pikes, Flares and Bows. I’ll also add a moving platform to the map. (For now, its just a moving object). Lastly, I may be tempted to add some enemies with animations. I know I’m in for a fun time. Feel free to send me questions, comments or suggestions. UPDATES 16/7/11 – 3:00 AM PST I’m about half way through with the main characters, I started them with five credits (as I would if I started in the game at the beginning) and six food. I’m planning to replace the Hairspray with a different tank I’ve come up with. My first tank would be a Graffiti Tank of some kind. Also, I may be making the map a little bigger. I may even add in the main character sprite and just begin the game with her running around. Oh and I’ve just completed a level with the Time machine. This will allow me to go back and forth to times I previously set in the beginning. 16/7/11 – 12:00 AM PST Added in the Graffiti Tank I mentioned before. It changes colors when you shoot it. This may also be removed depending on when I get back. 16/7/11 – 12:00 AM PST Added in the Time Machine to a level I worked on. 16/7 d41b202975


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