Historians have long theorized that storytelling dates back to the invention of speech in the form of myths, religious narratives and oral tradition. When the spoken word was invented, it’s believed that there was a collective unconscious, which everyone shared. Humans today are still collecting stories to share with each other. In the same manner that humans have invented words to teach, they have invented tools to be able to acquire the collective mind; these tools are called “games”. The birth of games is tied to people’s history. The birth of games was accompanied by the development of literature, and to this day, literary scholars claim that games are the most important contributor to the emergence of literature as we know it. Certain games have been recognized as great literature. These games – with players, a structure, and a certain narrative – are referred to as “poetic games”, and in fact, since the 19th century, all the important literary narratives of today have been classified under this term. On the other hand, there are games that are most popularly seen as “non-poetic games”, such as card games, or man-to-man battle games. • The birth of games has been carefully documented and illustrated through key moments. • An analysis of the birth of games shows how we have entered into a cultural space where poetry and games have come together and been transformed into each other. • From the anthropology of the time, you are introduced to the literary, artistic, and cultural context of the birth of games, and what was happening in literature. • How literary theory has been involved in the analysis of the birth of games. • Examine the literary implications of “poetic games”, how they interact with literature. • The birth of games is tied to the development of literature. All the important narratives of today have been classified under this term. • How the early literature adopted the framework of games in its own. • From the anthropology of the time, you are introduced to the literary, artistic, and cultural context of the birth of games, and what was happening in literature. • How literary theory has been involved in the analysis of the birth of games. • Examine the literary implications of “poetic games”, how they interact with literature. • The birth of games is tied to the development of literature. All the important narratives of today have been classified under this term.


DeLight: The Journey Home OST Features Key:

  • Amazing soundtrack and artistic atmosphere.
  • The main character is your creator and takes charge of story development.
  • Rapid-fire events.
  • The world is live.
  • " I dreamed I was living in a close-knit, hospitable land. The wind is soft and gentle, a green meadow and a blue river. And from the distance comes the sound of a waterfall."" Writer & Director Sun Bo.


    The journey of DeLight features a touching story of three girls who encounters a supernatural being at the bottom of an undersea world. Sunbo, the writer and director, is a documentary filmmaker and novelist. He started his career as a student of doctoral level film at Colombia University in New York and he wrote screenplay for his master thesis. For DeLight, he decided to use only real footage from his documentary project.

    DeLight features the moving story of ‘Kismura Ruiko,’ an ordinary girl trapped in an extraordinary situation. When she falls into the undersea world, she changes another world.

    DeLight: The Journey Home OST

    System Requirements:

    Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4:

    • Minimum of 2.0 GHz (Intel Core


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    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars2015-03-19 12:22:01 DeLight: The Journey Home is the fourth main game in the DeLight series. DeLight: The Journey Home continues the tale of the setting of the second DeLight game, on a journey to reunite with the village that once nurtured them. For the first time, players will have the chance to play as multiple characters, which allow them to explore multiple perspectives from important figures, such as three characters of the headmaster and baron. From the beginning, the story of DeLight: The Journey Home starts the journey of a village youth named Tyria. At the age of 15, he passes away when he is sent off by his parents, but not before he bequeaths something to the people, which they have never known before: his vision, which, in a way, is his soul. Tyria’s mother, the chief of the village, was previously unaware of this gift, and so, becomes determined to find his son, one day. This is where the game, which was released in December 2013, takes place. The player must choose to follow three different characters, each of which has their own goals and stories. The story progresses through three main characters: the headmaster, the baron and the headmaster’s daughter. Each of these characters have their own means of locomotion. The gameplay is very similar to that of the previous game in the series, with some changes. The player will spend most of their time in villages, fighting off monsters. The gameplay is something like a mash-up of Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter World. There are various groups of monsters, and each group have their own abilities. While this game is a role-playing game, there is not any RPG element in this game like in other role-playing games. It is more similar to a survival game or a hack and slash game. The battle system is similar to what it is in other games like Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter World. The player will use their weapon to attack the monster in front of them. In order to hit them, the player uses their battle stance which consists of three different abilities: Binding Shot, Flow Shot and Burst Shot. When the player attacks the monster, they will have the chance to bind and bind them for a few seconds. This will cause the monster’s movement to be a lot slower and the duration of the attack will be shorter. It is also a stronger


    What’s new:

    (2016-03-21) One of DeLight’s music pieces is composed from different piano music. In March 2016, Japanese publisher Cactus released DeLight’s music piece “The Journey Home” in OST form. At this time, DeLight was developing a new ecchoe (jingle song) during their music-creation process. As was going well, DeLight was maintaining their internal rhythm of working during the time period of this ecchoe, and they were deciding which song within this ecchoe to have as an ending while they were writing the songs in their next album. DeLight’s music piece was taken as an ending for this ecchoe, and the results of “The Journey Home” were favorable. For DeLight, this piece was very substantial as they were not able to hear external advice or comments. This new work is very different from DeLight’s last work. DeLight: The Journey Home OST (2016-03-21) Note: ・Another iPod OS version is included in this product too. The Original Soundtrack Download Thank you for your support! 10/01/2016 The first press is sold out, but we have purchased more from the company for the resupply for those who haven’t got it yet. We have made methods to top up your account, and in about a week you should be able to download the music from your iTunes. If you have any trouble, email us at support@cybershow.jp 10/01/2016 Thank you for your support! The original sound tracks from the live show on 10/01/2016 were uploaded on the iTunes music store before schedule. Download now 6/12/2016 Happy music mondays to you all. We will release the music you can enjoy for free (iTunes edition) on mondays with the theme music from the live performance. Love you! 6/07/2016 Happy Music Sunday! Did you see Come and check out that website! DeLight: The Journey Home OST (2016-03-21) – 6/07/2016 6:00AM


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    How To Crack DeLight: The Journey Home OST:

  • Install DeLight: The Journey Home Keygen
  • Use DeLight: The Journey Home Patch
  • Go back first


    • 64-bit
    • VC++ 7 or greater


    • 64-bit Mac OS X
    • Xcode 4.3.1
    • Fink


    • Root/Administrator priviledges
    • 32-bit
    • Make CMD, make GTK, make JAVA


    • 64-bit

    Confirm your copy of Steam



    • Windows Vista or later
    • Developer Libraries: DevIL, ILMT, ILMisc


    • macOS


    • Linux 2.6 (32, 64-bit)
    • GCC and x86 Compiler

    Step 1: Deinstall Steam

    • Backup steam folder to any safe place
    • Open “C:\Program Files\Steam” to steam folder
    • RESTORE it in DeLight: The Journey Home (OPTIONAL)

    Step 2: Install DeLight:



    System Requirements:

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