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Built-in utilities Photoshop includes such features as adjusting brightness and contrast, creating a grayscale image, batch resizing, and even additional tools for photo editing. In its most basic form, Photoshop enables users to add, subtract and group pixels. In terms of the features of the program, Elements is the most basic version of Photoshop, and includes such features as a similar histogram tool, removing blemishes from a photo, as well as layers. Photoshop was created in 1990 as an Adobe product designed to work on the Macintosh platform, and it later expanded to the Windows operating system and other platforms. Photoshop went to an even more basic graphics editing program in the form of Photoshop Elements, a basic photo editing software available for both Mac and Windows, as well as mobile platforms. On a desktop computer, it comes installed with Photoshop, and it costs only $69.99 for a personal edition. Adobe Photoshop Description and History Photoshop is the most common and well-known photo-editing program in the world. It has been the industry standard since it was first released in 1987. However, it has also had many ups and downs over its 40-year history, and the current version is now called Photoshop CC 2019. The program first hit the market in 1987, but it was released in a product called Adobe Photoshop 1.0 in 1989. That version included features such as drawing directly on the photo with a mouse, applying type, and four-color printing of photos. It wasn’t until 1993 that Photoshop 2.0 was released, and it included 16-bit color capability. From there, it was released a new version each year until 1995, when the program hit version 3.0. After that, it was released in 1997 with version 4.0, which included high-quality scan and photograph capabilities. In 2002, after a long development period, it included vector drawing, which means it was integrated with the Adobe Illustrator product. Since then, it has released numerous updates every year, and many users continue to use the 5.0 version, which it released in 2002. It is still the industry standard, and it shows the dedication that Adobe has to its product. Adobe has also continued updating the program throughout the years with new features and capabilities. Some of the updates include Mac compatibility in 2006, variable-bit depth color modes in 2009, and a

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Adding rich metadata to your photos is essential for managing them later Check out my post on what the most important data are to remember when taking photos, and add them to your photos using metadata. It will help you curate, manage, and share better photos. If you are looking for good image editing software for free, check out our collection of the best image editing software for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Google Pixel smartphones or Chromebooks. Every photo needs metadata I’m a firm believer that if you add all the metadata to every photo you take, you will organize it better later. You should add basic data like time taken, location of the photo, subjects, focal length used for the photo, etc. to the photo. You should add a single large file to each photo that has all the metadata. I use a Photoshop plugin to add this metadata but any software that is able to open large files will work. I avoid the use of metadata if you make post-processing changes to the photo such as contrast and sharpness adjustments. The theme of this post is not just to add metadata to every photo but to also consider your photo a product. Your product is not just a photo, it is a portfolio of your best images, and your business. Therefore, you need to take extra effort to make sure that you are the one using the best images. You are the one who owns your portfolio. Therefore, your photos are not just a photo, they are also your portfolio. It is very important for digital marketing professionals to have a separate site for themselves. A separate page on your site is a good idea because not everyone buys a product or service from you. Some people buy from you because they like your work and want to get to know you. Others buy from you because your work is linked to your name. Others buy from you because they have heard about you and what you do. The last reason is the most important one. Many people buy from you because they have heard of you. This means that to get to know someone or their work, it is best to have a social media presence. This will help you get to know someone better, build their trust, and talk to them. You should then create a separate site for this and on this site, you have your portfolio. Add your photos and a CV a681f4349e

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Q: React – Get the value of a properties in a json object returned from an API call I want to take the title and publish-url from the below JSON object I have tried many ways, but could not get the result. Is there any way to get it? { “_id”: “5d5e7f1f4c6d99bff0f87e5f”, “body”: “JQuery”, “link”: “”, “published_at”: “2019-10-29”, “recommended”: false, “title”: “Why jQuery is the king of JavaScript libraries”, “updated_at”: “2019-10-29”, “user”: { “_id”: “5d5e7f1f4c6d99bff0f87e51”, “avatar”: null, “created_at”: “2019-10-29”, “id”: “5d5e7f1f4c6d99bff0f87e51”, “role”: “user” } } As you can see in the “user” object, I want to return the ID and the title-published_at fields. In my app.js I’ve made the API request like this getDocs() { fetch(”) .then(response => response.json()) .then(data => { console.log(data); this.setState({ docs: data }); }); } Then I’m trying to loop through the docs object, to get the title and the published_at dates Doc Title: {} Doc Published_at: {} A:

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