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NET PANIC, simple, easy-to-use app for diagnostics and controlling of computer LAN network adapter. It will help you to shut down Internet if you loose connection to it and turn it on again. – Windows, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux, Mac OS X, Java, WebOS, iOS and more. – Great app, fast downloads and direct installation. – Easy to use. Works well even with several Internet providers, automatic setup. – Simple, user-friendly interface. – No other requirements. No complicated configuration is needed. – Works with Routers, Firewalls, VPNs. – Wide range of supported adapters. Advertisement Net Panic vs. Router VPN If you’ve read our article about VPNs with Router VPN you’ll know that our Router VPN is a little different from other VPNs. We’ve noticed that quite often we’re compared with VPNs that are connected to the router from the point of view that the router connects the network and doesn’t implement any advanced security functions. As we’ve mentioned before, the integrated Antivirus is great and useful for those who want to completely protect their internet connection, but it doesn’t cover the entire internet. In addition, we don’t believe that people should have their network completely unprotected. If we don’t want to compromise on security then we need to know that there are some things that can be done to protect the network without limiting access to internet. What can we do? First of all, we can improve security by: • leaving the firewall active • installing a firewall • opening WAN port • using some specific VPNs that were specially designed to protect the whole internet Secondly, we need to understand what is VPN and what is not. The majority of online usage takes place through the web browser and it’s very important to understand that one cannot implement the functions of VPN on the user level (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are not able to work with a VPN). VPNs are aimed to provide a secured connection from any internet access point (computer, smart phone, iPad) to the ISP. Users are able to work and visit the internet while staying protected from spam mail. VPNs also provide security to the device in such a way that if the device gets lost, stolen or damaged the

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✓ Disables, enables, starts/stops Internet connection. ✓ Displays status log for connection status. ✓ Can be moved/resized easily. ✓ User-friendly interface. ? Automatically shuts down Internet connection, if it’s currently turned on. ? No additional programs or drivers required. ? VPN compatible. ? The program is made for Windows. Free version of the app is available for download. It can be downloaded here: NET Panic (free) World IP gives you the most detailed international IP address information service. World IP service provides an almost unlimited database of IP information, including IP address, ISP provider, registered office address and many other useful IP address data.The IP address information database is available for looking up by range, country, ISP provider, state, city, IP type, RIR (region and IP), network, ISP provider, top level domain. World IP service doesn’t collect any of your personal data. The MAC addresses used in this tracking service is generated from the MAC addresses which are collected from ISPs. Tracking means the service will keep watching the sites visitors. Please read the terms of service for more information about the usage of the service. World IP is a service that gives the most detailed international IP address information. It provides a basic database of IP and website information that includes IP, ISP, domain, RIR, state, city, network, ISP, RIR and country. We would like to give a huge thanks to our user over 10 million who we served over the last 6 years! Your love and support gives us the motivation to continue creating these IP databases. Climax is a Russian Web and Mobile Security research and development company specializing in creating and maintaining innovative solutions for fighting threats on the Internet. Security and privacy is our passion. We provide our service to consumers and businesses alike, offering a full package of security services for different types of online activity, including security for browsing, social networking, e-mailing, browsing online shopping, searching the web, online banking, investing, and online gambling. Browsing and social media are the most common reasons for security incidents in computers and mobile devices. Both are under constant attack. This is why we have developed a wide range of anti-tracking and anti-malware solutions tailored to your needs. 2f7fe94e24

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NET PANIC – Clipboard Saver is a handy clipboard manager that will keep all your data in sync between your multiple computers with just a few clicks. Windows and Mac compatible Enhances the usability of your computers Clipboard Saver keeps one clipboard between your machines synced with a clipboard, like how a desktop virtual machine does between multiple machines. It also allows one to switch between multiple computers by just tapping the same clipboard, making it even faster than a physical desktop. This clipboard sync is done by just copying and pasting data between your computers. Clipboard Saver clipboard is easily accessible through various ways including the Menu Bar, quick access in every app, and the right and left click. Clipboard Saver is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Both 32bit and 64bit Windows are supported, and all of your data will be readily accessible through Mac as well. Clipboard Saver supports the following languages: English Japanese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Indonesian Malay Korean Turkish Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Spanish Swedish Thai Vietnamese This clipboard is always ready to be accessed. No more searching of your main clipboard every time you copy something from one program to another, no more pasting the last copied string from your main clipboard to the clipboard that is currently ready for use. The virtual clipboard is an extension of the clipboard of your computer. You can switch between both seamlessly by just tapping the same clipboard. The virtual clipboard will stay in sync with each computer no matter how many machines you are running. It can also be synced with your cloud services. No more searching your main clipboard every time you copy something from one app to another, no more pasting the last copied string from the main clipboard to the clipboard that is currently ready for use. This clipboard is ready to be used almost all the time. With no more delays. Clipboard Saver provides an on/off toggle button to conveniently enable and disable its virtual clipboard access. It is a compact and elegant solution for those who prefer to use the main clipboard

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NET Panic is software that makes life easy and painless for all of you. We developed a special software that will reset your internet connection and provide you with the simplest interface that most likely a person could find. This software is portable and is not only for windows computers, but you can use it on Mac, Linux or any other OS. It is good for advanced and novices users. NET Panic will reset you internet connection. It will also inform you about your internet connection in an easy way. NET Panic does not require any additional programs. Features: Reset internet connection Show network connection, speed, MAC and all other internet information Supports some or all adapter connections Lightweight and easy to handle Easy installation Simple interface Just click one button to reset internet connection Wish to win more prizes than fellow winners? Download and install NET Panic now to start winning! Did you ever see that pack of thirty-six cards that come with a dictionary and thesaurus? The next time you get a pack like that, be sure to look to see if there’s any free goodies included… There’s usually a free ebook, or a free audio program, or something like that. I know, someone may give you a look like, you’re an uncle jim. But we’re not talking about that here. Today we’re going to talk about the best search engine for finding what you’re looking for online. Your do your own research and find out what you want, because the information in the millions of web sites on the web. There’s literally thousands of different topics, and just what you think. Now, the difference between using search engines. Some search engine engines like, to find you trying to find a person. You search for a story, and your friend wrote about you — well, as for, as the story. But of course, it’s not. It does not work that way. Now, what search engine search. You want to search for a person or a organization online, typically, to find out if your friends are on the Internet, or not. To find out if you know, that your friend has posted a news item, that you may want to join a chatroom. To find out if your friends are online, or not. Now, it’s very easy, to search for something. Now, the best search engine is Google. Now, the problem with many people. Like you, when

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Minimum System Requirements: *Windows 10 or later *Powered by Windows 10 *2GB+ of RAM *15GB of free disk space *HDD space for installation and updates (12GB recommended) *DirectX 11 or newer *5.1 Surround Sound *AMD Processor w/ 64-bit support *3D graphics card (GeForce or Radeon) Recommended System Requirements: *4