Everybody know that, in order to maintain data consistency and system health, it is considered good practice to keep several backups of your files and drives. This way, in case your system crashes or is damaged by a virus or malware, you can easily recover files. Laplink DiskImage Professional is a reliable software solution that can help you create image archives of your files and drives, that can be used to restore data on any computer. Intuitive and easy to use data backup manager with user friendly interface The application allows you to backup your disk drives and files, by creating image archives. These backup files can be accessed anytime by the program in order to restore certain files and disk drives. In addition, you can restore your data regardless of the computer you use the backup file on, as the application is hardware independent. This is a useful feature, because you can restore your files on other computers, in case your gets damaged beyond repair. Dependable backup scheduler and disc burner utility Laplink DiskImage Professional can be scheduled to run regularly run file backups, in order to keep your saved data up to date. Because the application creates image archives as backup files, it can burn them on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs. This way, you can access your data on any computer, providing that it has the required hardware to read discs. A complex and seamlessly powerful data and drive backup tool Laplink DiskImage Professional gives you the possibility to save your data on image archives, thus creating reliable backups. Furthermore, you can use the application to burn these image backups on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs, thus creating data portability, as each backup file can be opened on any computer.







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Laplink DiskImage Professional Cracked Version is a powerful and easy to use application for data backup. Create and manage backup images of your files and drives, ensuring that your data is backed up regardless of the kind of computer you use. The program can backup any file and drive, such as hard drives, floppy drives, drives in CD and DVD formats, and removable devices. This way, you can keep your data up to date, even if your computer crashes, is damaged by virus, malware or any other program. Advanced image archives management Laplink DiskImage Professional allows you to create, edit and manage complex and dynamic archives. This way, you can choose the file names, sizes and formats for your backups. Furthermore, you can create and manage a complex archive, which includes all the information related to your backup files and drives. Furthermore, you can also categorize your data backups, in order to manage them properly. Backup images on CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs Laplink DiskImage Professional has a rich set of options to manage your data backups. You can save your backup images on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Moreover, you can burn your data images on any removable storage device of the appropriate form-factor. Advanced scheduler and burner utility You can schedule the application to run regularly. This way, you can decide exactly when you want to back up your files and drives. Additionally, you can also select the drive, folder or file to be backed up, and the drive or folder from which you want to retrieve your backups, at any time. When it comes to the data backup software offered by Laplink, the DiskImage Professional is a complex and extensively powerful data and drive backup application. Laplink DiskImage Professional Installation Size: The Laplink DiskImage Professional installation is approximately 2.15 GB. To install, simply download and run the setup file. Laplink DiskImage Professional System Requirements: Although the program is not a very resource intensive, but you must be sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements before installing the application. You must have Windows OS (32 or 64 bit) At least 2 GB of RAM If the DiskImage Professional cannot start on the system because of a program error, then make sure that your system has a fast enough processor to do the image archiving process. To use Laplink DiskImage Professional, you need to have a storage drive and a

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New feature available: Backup status is displayed in the tray icon menu New menu for configuration of the backup image backups Clean up with report. when you run a backup Clients can be configured for backup with user and password Backup and restore on the fly! With the latest update,Laplink DiskImage Professional 6.05 now features a new interface and a complete set of new features. The interface has been redesigned and the menu structure has been overhauled. Laplink DiskImage Professional has never been this easy and powerful. Laplink DiskImage Professional 6.05 has a renewed look and feel! Powerful features include a new backup/restore wizard, new media burner and many more. New features include: Backup and restore on the fly! Brings data back into working order when your system crashes. Laplink DiskImage Professional Installer can create a local installation on your hard drive of the software, or you can manually install it on your hard drive from any folder. This is the entry level version of the Laplink DiskImage Professional software. The program includes a new wizard based backup and restore experience that is easy to use and creates working images that can be burned to CD-R or DVD-R discs for data recovery. Laplink DiskImage Professional 6.05: New High Resolution Ready-to-Use Graphics and User Interface Languages: English, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese Please Note: The latest version of Laplink DiskImage Professional may differ slightly from the version you are currently using, due to an ongoing Beta Test which may be conducted. Download that match the current version and platform of your system. Download the suitable version for your PC system. You may click on the green “Download” button on the right side of the main screen to start the download. The downloaded file will be saved into your Downloads folder. Double-click on the downloaded file. Run Laplink DiskImage Professional Setup (instructions for this version: Download, run, setup). Follow the instructions to complete the installation of Laplink DiskImage Professional 6.05. You must install the program on every computer you want to use, as the software must connect to the local machine you 2f7fe94e24

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========== – Database-based backup schedules – Disk image backup/restore with files from all drives in your system – Image backup/restore from multiple local disks (folders) – DVD/CD/Blu-ray image backup/restore – Create project files for CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc burning – Select your own project settings (sector size, project name, languages, etc.) – Supports image menus for Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Spanish languages – Supports image menus for 3 different languages: English, Spanish and Italian – Create single-disc, double-disc, DVD or dual-layer DVD image – Single-disc or double-disc image can be burned on a CD or DVD disc, and optionally can be overburned – Supports ISO/CLR image as well as “Joliet” image formats – Stable and highly compatible – Supports all major Microsoft Windows and all Linux operating systems – Supports Unix/Linux/Mac from GNU (GNU/Linux) and all other MacOS operating systems – Works with a standard installation CD – Supports ISO (13.8 MB), ISO (4.72 MB) and Joliet (3.4 MB) image formats – Single-disc, double-disc or DVD image can be burned on a CD, DVD, DVD+ or Blu-ray disc – DVD/BD-J (ISO/Joliet) image can be burned on a DVD/BD-J DVD (BD-J) disc, a DVD-BD-J disc and a BD-J disc – Option to use different sector sizes for image and data areas – Option to use different sector sizes for image and data areas – Option to set different disc menu languages – Option to use different disc menu languages – Option to use multiple languages (many languages) for menus and messages – Option to use multiple languages (many languages) for menus and messages – Displays size of archives in MB, GB, MBs or GBs – Intuitive and easy to use – Supports Unix/Linux/Mac from GNU (GNU/Linux) and all other MacOS operating systems – Supports Unix/Linux/Mac from GNU (GNU/Linux) and all other MacOS operating systems – Supports Unix/Linux/Mac from GNU (GNU/Linux) and all other MacOS operating systems – Supports Macintosh OS – Supports Macintosh OS – Supports


System Requirements:

1. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or higher 2. AMD Radeon HD 7870 or higher 3. DirectX 12 supported 4. SSAO enabled 5. Pixel Shader 5.0 6. OVSSAA required 7. NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossfireX is required 8. DEDICATED SIXAXIS SIXAXIS PROTECTION! 9. 2GB RAM recommended 10. 4 GB RAM recommended 11. 16GB or more RAM recommended