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Legitimate software company Valve’s Steam Platform suffered $1 billion in losses over the course of its first five years of operation because not enough customers were aware of the feature and trusted it. To combat this, Valve took drastic measures – it decided that customers who purchased games on Steam would automatically be registered as legit purchasers for the company’s other virtual goods stores, too. (Yes, Valve’s Steam Store was a total failure at first, but it was always a huge success for the company).

Malicious software could have already been hiding on your computer for months or even years. The installation program for downloading cracked software may have also been downloaded during that time and could be responsible for your current state.

In many cases, cracked software has the ability to damage your computer. The absence of in-depth technical expertise from users can also be an issue. This kind of misapplication of software on your computer can lead to a host of system problems. Some of these problems can include malware infections or cracked software slowly removing features on your operating system.