________________________________________ A space truck that can disappear if you hit it. Part of a special squad that explores space with a special secret weapon. A dark world full of secrets, traps, and unknown things. The players have to defeat the evil with their on-board weapons and defenses. Features Play with a unique weapon that can absorb things around it. Explore spaces in different ways with the stealth skills. Travel through the dark worlds in which your enemies can hurt you. A destructive beat the meat mode with an evil hound. Fantasy Escape is a free scrolling action-puzzle game, where you play as an amnesiac assassin trying to escape a mansion full of strange characters.Features Explore and solve puzzles to overcome various obstacles in the mansion. Play through a story full of characters, twists, and consequences. Defeat strange creatures and weird monsters. By completing the game you learn more about your past, your character and your ambitions. Bikeos is a free real-time strategy game about beetle racing. You can play as a beetle and race against other riders, competing for victory and bragging rights.Features Strategy – Lead your team and coordinate with your teammates to defeat the other teams. Real-time – Race to the finish line first! Cool Game Art – Bring home the trophies and prizes you win for being the greatest racer in town! Competitive – Prove you’re the fastest among your friends and your opponents. Eliminate – Finish each race with a record of 100%. The K3 is a team based action RPG. Play as three characters (Kara, Xander and Danny) with individual skills that you will use to solve puzzles and challenges.Features Team based RPG – Three characters to choose from. RPG elements with lots of skills and equipment. NPC characters that act as your team members, influencing the game through a story. Combine and select your characters’ skills to solve the puzzles and challenges. This a hack of Doom2016, & it’s a free 3D hack.But instead of Doom2016, Doom2016WTF is an evil version of DOOM2016.The Level editor sucks but it’s a great casual hack. Features Fight through levels with weapons and with the evil versions of normal weapons. Equip weapons which are turned into different weapons in game. Move and shoot the different weapons with a mouse. Follow the shadow jump. Deactivated weapons


Epic Fun – Viking Coaster Features Key:

  • Historical board game wargame sim for the Pocket PC with a single player campaign and more than 10 missions per player. A “grand campaign” mode allows the students to play out a period in the history of a foreign country, with a range of choices to influence the outcome
  • An extensive campaign system for each player, including multiple subsplots that are played automatically
  • Historical military units with character, equipment and orders of battle
  • Modern military units, with character, equipment and orders of battle
  • International diplomacy system with delegate, president and protests
  • A “house of cards” mode for each player, where the banker gives up $200 in money and assets at the start of the game, leaving the player to build a treasury
  • Private sector player that can be purchased by the players
  • Customize your own public and private sector
  • Over 30 years of diplomacy levels, choices and consequences, including the Cuban missile crisis
  • The Allies, Axis and neutral Allies dominate different levels in a given year
  • Historic “base set” choices
  • Multiple variants of each game rule:
    • Free walking, move to the nearest settlement
    • Free, move from the settlement to any of the “players” settlement points
    • Players earn victory point for their settlements as detailed in the rules, by reducing the enemy to less than 3 units
    • Play to the historical timeline: 1961-1963 = US escalation

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      Plot (Some spoilers): Nermin, a psychic, takes into account some mistakes made in the past and leaves her newborn daughter to the orphanage to live a happy life away from her dark world. The newly married couple Koray and Müge later adopt this child named Şura. But Şura is a asocial boy with strange behavior. He even has an imaginary friend. When she turns 10, she disappears unexpectedly. The real purpose of Koray is to open the veil behind the daughter’s disappearance. Manipulate: Sacrifice, the drama contains elements of mystery, fear and suspense, and it offers 2 different endings that the player can reach in line with own progress. There are also some clues in the game that will help them solve puzzles for careful players. It will become more meaningful as the game progresses. The main protagonist of our game, Koray, says: “Maybe you were looking for ghosts hidden behind dreams.” Gameplay (Some spoilers): Manipulate: Sacrifice contains elements of fear, psychology, drama and mystery. You will not need any other equipment to play the game. There are some story-based puzzles you can solve by yourself. Some require cooperation with other characters. Players can manipulate the game world in different ways to unlock puzzles and find hidden objects. Main game Mechanics: Scripting, narration, amazing game art, setting and storytelling, intriguing puzzle and other cinematic elements make manipulate: sacrifice a unique game. Customization: Players can customize the skills, weapons, and weapons of other characters in the game.Player’s Journey in Manipulate: Sacrifice Main Goal of player: 1. In the game, you can play in two different modes: story mode and freemium mode. 2. There are 2 endings in the game and you can reach both of them by your own choices. 3. There are 2 different endings in the game. 4. There are 2 modes in the game: story mode and free mode. 5. If you reach the first ending, you will be able to reach the second ending as well. 6. If you reach the second ending you will be able to see the original ending of the game as well. 7. If you get to the second ending you will be able to unlock new items that are only available in the second ending. 8. The game contains three different endings that will be shown at the end of the game. 9. After the game is over c9d1549cdd


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      _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________”This game is great. Probably my favorite so far that has an element of strategy. It’s a bit of an experience but is keeps you coming back for more as you manage to be clever and not get knocked out.” – Derek_Devil”This is my new favorite game. It definitely meets my expectations and more. It is perfect for me because I’m a strategy veteran and yet I can still pick up and play this for a couple of hours at a time. The core gameplay is easy to learn and incredibly fun. I’m a fan.” – JoshChalain”The best non-cod game ever. Very enjoyable, very challenging, and lots of fun. If you love strategy games but are sick of games that are more like Chess than real strategy, you’re going to love this.” – ebkort”It’s addictive! If you’re looking for a fun space strategy game, then this is it! The combat is fast and furious, but slows down to a crawl sometimes. I’m really enjoying this game!” – MuseluAssassin32″A fun free strategy game. Will pick it up often to try out different things. Some of the missions are very hard, but learning the game has been a lot of fun.” – Tizmow”This game is epic in its own universe and the extra story element, told through journals and paintings, would make this a great game even if it weren’t an expansion for a game already in existence. Since I don’t have it yet, I can’t say anything more than that, but rest assured this game will be on my radar of games I want to play.” – DrakeSnak”Very much like games of yore. I love the galactic gameplay and the slow paced turns make it very easy to pick up and play.” – Long Beach Wizard”This game is pretty interesting. It would probably be a little weird in a regular open game of Scrabble, but I like the scope of the game, and the “freeform” development of strategies, and the mechanics of the game itself.” – MTLP”A highly polished game with stellar production values and an incredible amount of content. Highly recommended to folks looking to experience a retro-styled space exploration game.” – Customer Review”I could sit here and write the review 20 times and I won’t sound repetitive. This is a fantastic expansion to an incredible game. I hope to pick up Space Rogue and other titles from this series before too long.” – Me


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      , Palatinate Madcap Castle (; ) is a ruined castle in the municipality of Stein in the canton of Bas-Rhin in eastern France. History Medieval period In the 11th century, Seulien of Stein, then a citizen of the County of Burgundy, built a stronghold at this location. It was a simple squat tower, on a rocky outcrop. The people knew it as the “Mad Castle” (; ). Around 1220, according to an official deed from the Saint-Jean abbey (Saint Jean de Soignes Abbey), Seulien’s son Hugues of Stein established a vassal relationship with the emperor Frederick II, but this was put on hold by Frederick’s half-brother Conrad IV around 1265. In 1284–1285, Frederic secured the defenses at both the Minster and Nassau Castle, Stein by raising a massive new curtain wall and towers. Modern After the occupation of the French Revolution, the Mad Castle was bought into the ownership of the Prince of Nassau-Usingen by Alphonse Louis de Beaupoil who lived in the building from 1833 to 1884. The castle was surrounded by a moat dating back to medieval days; archaeological excavations in 1889 showed that it had a thick wall. From a distance the building looks somewhat imposing; however, it is rather dilapidated today. Its observation tower was renovated in 2004. Location It is located on the hills above the Stein valley, along the castle road from the city of Strasbourg to Sasbach. It is at an altitude of 168 meters (543 ft) and is surrounded by a moat. An aerial view of the castle looks somewhat like this: A monotype, also known as a minotype, of the castle was created by Claude Petit-Dits before it became a national monument in 1984. However, a gigantic replica measuring 19.7 × 8.7 m (65 × 28 ft) was created by. Guardianship of the castle is part of the Hessian heritage. The castle was acquired in 1924–26 by the, a world famous ensemble of castles and palaces in the town of Baden-Württemberg. The region’s current lord of Hessian nobility, Prinz von Thurn und Taxis, donated a part of his Hessian estate to the castle’s museum.


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