Fantasy Grounds – Witchcraft is a basic roleplaying game designed for use with fantasy Grounds. This product is intended to provide a basic set of rules for fantasy roleplaying. As such it is not a complete roleplaying ruleset; your game master should provide supplementary rules as required for their own games. Additional Description Rules for Witches The Witchcraft Player’s Guide contains rules for all aspects of witchdom: creating magic potions, trafficking with devils and spirits, recruiting apprentices, spells casting and magical curses, preparing spells, and more. In addition to that, this book contains rules for influencing mundane social situations – cursing an enemy, kidnapping a child or burning down a barn, for example. Finally, each spell within the book has a description of which magic school it belongs to, and which type of magic it requires to cast. Brewing Potions The Companion contains rules for brewing potions. Each potion takes one week to brew, and is usually purchased from a witch or a village blacksmith. The recipes are designed to allow the players of amateur (but knowledgeable) cooks, or the players of witches and village leaders, to create potions cheaply and quickly. Talismans The Talisman Player’s Guide contains rules for creating talismans, the one-shot magic items that appear in every fantasy realm. A talisman can be bought from a witch or a village blacksmith, but is created using an alchemical formula. There are rules for creating talismans of basic power, as well as rules for creating talismans designed to further enhance the effect of a magic spell. There are also rules for creating talismans designed for specific types of magic: for example, you can create a talisman which confers combat advantage, or which blocks a magical attack. Instruction Manual and Game Master’s Rules The Instruction Manual contains many valuable player tools, including a complete description of the roles and responsibilities of the four major players in the game (witches, warlocks, wizards and mages), and other information useful to players. There are also several sample game maps, and instructions for using them. Finally, there are pages of notes and reminders which should come in handy to the professional and the amateur GM alike. Seskimo’s illustrations have been carefully chosen and arranged to provide visual instructions to players and GMs. These illustrations are of witches’ houses, talismans and a witch’s coven and are appropriate to many different fantasy settings. All of these images are colour compatible with


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  • Original Soundtrack composed by
  • Introduction by S.T. Leighton
  • Enhanced for 3D by Dr. Nicholas Hollier and David S. Walks
  • Language support: English
  • Check out the following CHIMERA RECUE page for more information


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Titanic Experience is a virtual reality simulation that brings you onboard the RMS Titanic. Steer the ship and observe all the details like never before. Take on the role of a first class passenger on the Titanic during your maiden voyage. Witness the iceberg collision and the tragic sinking of the largest and most luxurious ocean liner to have ever been built. Titanic Experience was referred to as the unsinkable ship, however on its maiden voyage to New York it struck an iceberg and sank in just 2 hours and 40 minutes. This simulation accurately depicts Titanic’s last moments from the iceberg collision to the ship splitting in half. In the game you can steer the RMS Titanic with actual cameras from the time and navigate the ship in a realistic way. The experience contains breathtaking visuals and sounds, providing an immersive environment. A storyboard was written to facilitate co-op experiences with other players. We are three travelers looking to share our love of travel, photography and playing games with all of you! The three of us share similar interests in traveling different parts of the world. We have been to many destinations and travel quite frequently. So we created this community because of our love for the road and sharing our passion with you all. Here are our photos and videos of our trips so far! Please let us know which routes you would like to see taken when we travel and also let us know if you would like to visit our destinations! Shannon has been making videos about the world since childhood, and in his early twenties, became obsessed with nature and desert travel. He’s the president of the Green River Fire Lizards, a charity that rescues desert wildlife, and has brought several species back to life. He rides a Triumph motorbike, likes to swim in deserts, and can often be found hanging out in wild national parks. Riding the Sea Of Japan and the South Pacific has been one of my lifelong passions, and I am happy to take you on an In-depth look at this region. Starting on the coast of Japan, and continuing through the various islands and archipelagos of the South Pacific, we will cover in detail the history, culture, towns, countryside and people of these places! Also, feel free to join us every Friday at 12pm Pacific for the weekly Outcast Show where we do a ‘Behind the Scenes’ segment, diving into the creative process of creating our videos For more of my video c9d1549cdd


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Show More… Trampoline is a new game from Arcashi and the story is about the adventures of a young woman on a journey of maturity in her late twenties, following the teachings of the old seer. Nicky is a young woman who is trying to find her feet in life. She works part time, goes to college part time and talks about how she does not like her hair and speaks badly about her past. Will her life finally start to become what she hoped for or will she be stuck as she is and be hurt by the people she loves. You will find out in this visual novel story with multiple endings. Features: Visual Novel Multiple ending path system for each Character Full scene CG & background art for every locations Full EN, FR, ENGLISH, FRENCH, AMERICAN for the story. Multiple emoticons to use in the dialogues and writing. An English and French study guide in the end of the game Game “Trampoline” Gameplay: Show More… Visual novel in which the player is a prison prisoner used as punishment for someone else. You are not supposed to escape, but if you do the punishment will come from your wife. Features: Hidden and Selecting content Full English and French support Story with multiple routes and endings Full background art for every location. Game “Drowning in the many” Gameplay: Show More… A game for fans of visual novels and especially fans of the early Genshiken visual novels that is based on an anime: Odagiri, Hachimitsu and Genshiken. The story centers around three highschool girls that either challenge or break the basis of the Genshiken system. You will decide in which girl’s path you want to follow.Features: You decide in which route the story will take. In-depth storyline with multiple routes and endings. Background art of every location. The choice of your friends and who they chose in the ending determines if you will be able to see the endings. Tales of the Genshiken anime, stories of real girls that lived in the Genshiken dorms or the surrounding areas and tried to join the club they wanted and then left. Game “The tales of Genshiken: Living in the dorm” Gameplay: Show More… A visual novel for fans of Genshiken, but also for


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