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The green dragon’s escape, however, can be traced back to the Stone of Jorune. The name of this Dreth’Cen Stone sounded familiar to Thraka, so the group ordered their captain to quest for the Stone. The final questing group was informed that they would have to board a skystone first. As Pike started to lead them, Rae attempted an ambush on the group, believing that their journey to the well was part of a ruse and that Vox Machina was moving towards Rugus Castle to destroy it. She had missed the fact that they were under orders to reach the well, which was still a considerable distance away from the city.

Due to her ambush, Vex wasn’t with the group, and when they reached the well he jumped in to find Thraka. She took the opportunity to knowing signs of his return, and the stone’s energy over leveled Vex, causing him to cough up a blood mist.

Following the well, they found out that the “Queen’s Quest” in the Southern Isles was the key to the Green Dragon’s escape. As they approached Mensis, Vex returned to the group and attempted to speak to the crew under the influence of the Stone and influence of Dumah and the green dragon.

After finding out that the goal was to find ’The Gate’ of Stela, Pike cast find here in the cave… the two traveled deeper in to the throne room. After hearing the voice of Raishan, Vox Machina entered. Vex’s security line was weakened by Thraka’s breath and he fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. In his exhaustion, Thraka mistook Vex for the green dragon and started to tear him apart.

After some long rail riding, high altitude and swooping in IMBCs, you’ll arrive in Amaranthine. Aldrich was critically injured in a car accident, but recovering far in advance of the rest of the party. Pike and Kaspar will fill him in on the events that have transpired since he and his crew vanished. The Unreliable takes Kaspar to the man they have been assigned to protect, Vergen Rogat.

Kaspar reluctantly agrees, believing he can trust Rogat. Unreliable promises to protect him and they ride in a carriage to the hideout of our rogue hunter. As soon as they leave The Unreliable contacts his old colleague and friend Marda.