CarX Drift Racing 2 1.7.2

The weather is getting more and more hot every year, driving your car is getting more and more dangerous. Some cars are customized with a lot of factors, such as acceleration, braking and turning accuracy, are affected by the weather. If you want to go with a car that’s cheap and have good performance, BB Duel is available for you to play. With BB Duel, you will see some good-looking cars, and get the experience of driving fast cars. For driving, you need to apply acceleration, braking, and steer skill. In the game, the race track is divided into many types of spaces. Every track has different effects on cars.

When you drive a car around the track, it can be affected by the weather. As the weather gets worse, the car’s performance will get worse. When it is very hot, the driving skill of the car will be restricted. BB Duel has a wide variety of tracks with different weathers. Various cars are available, and you can compete with your friends on Facebook and customize them. Keep your eyes on the road, and take care of the car’s speed to avoid complications. Now, let’s go to continue the competition!

Have you ever thought of driving a car in the most outdoor environments, like racing, skating, surfing and even skating? In Alpenglide, you will be able to drive a fast car on the snow, skate, surf and fly like Superman! First, it’s important to set up which surfaces you can use. The game contains three types of tracks: Natural snow, Artificial snow and water. You can drive on snow and water, and your driving skills are affected by the snow, maybe you have enough skills to drive on the snow? Below heart, the blue sky, and the white snow!

If you enjoy driving fast cars, but you’ve no skills, you should play Attitude Rush! In Attitude Rush, you need to keep balance and accuracy when accelerating and braking. The car moves automatically to avoid spin and collision. When the car moves too slowly, extreme rear and front will be pressed, and that will damage you.