X4: Foundations is the third and final major expansion for X4: Foundations. After the jump-gate has been opened, humanity is settled on four planets of distant space. One century after the jump-gate has been opened, six factions have banded together to colonize and settle new worlds. Earth, the birthplace of humanity, is on the brink of extinction. Only your unique skills as a solitary pirate or banker can save the human race. It’s time to abandon all your preconceptions and approach the new X4 universe with an open mind – because the rules of the game have just changed! The X4 series takes everything players love about the X3 series and adds an astonishing new depth to it, further expanding the gameplay possibilities for a totally fresh experience. This unique action-RPG will keep players guessing for hours. The game offers full multiplayer support and generous downloadable content. X4: Foundations includes all of the features and content of the base-game along with a huge amount of additional content. What’s more, the X4 series is already one of the most long-lived and prolific franchises in the history of role-playing games. The X4 universe: The free-roaming X4 universe comprises of four sectors in eight different game-sectors. Each sector is a part of a planetary system that is being colonized by players, who can form corporations in order to explore, trade and colonize. After the jump-gate has been opened, the region known as the Archon Sector is settled with five human factions, along with the Akaarlei, Algiorine, and Ardyn cartels. The major space powers of X4: Foundations include the Aurelic empire, the Galatian Federation, and the Uraei cartel. In addition to space, a land-based warfare is also available in an X4 sector. Players can battle over worlds, build cities, construct their own ships, and take part in a number of exciting combat scenarios. There are three different expansion titles in the X4 universe, with X4: Foundations being the epic finale. Players can start this game adventure over from the beginning of the whole storyline, or load up an existing game-save and continue where they left off. X4: Foundations also includes the X4: Enigma project, a prequel to X4: Foundations that allows players to accompany the investigative Templar order as they search for the roots of the


Features Key:

  • Strategy – Historically the MITD applied only to write tasks. The dose response games have extended that idea into a category of problem solving games. Strategic choices of responses determine which groups of students are dispersed to which stimuli.
  • Practice – In the MITD, I developed two principles:
    • Practice: Educators give students practice problems and solutions, not lectures and tests.
    • Inversions: The quality of a problem is not merely whether or not it is solved but why it was not solved.
  • Individualized Study – In the MITD, I developed two principles:
    • Strategies are based on academic evidence.
    • At the end of a unit, educators can scan a given set of student responses and identify poorly-answered problems. If the educator identified those as a net priority, students could be redeployed to find them in previously unstudied students.
  • Ubiquity – The applications of these principles should permeate the instruction of all sciences and mathematics classes over time. To this end, I released an installer that collects student data and automatically debugs or documents units according to the six criteria detailed below. The installer also creates a log of all enhancements and can be scripted to collect data from multiple classrooms and schools.  
  • You are free to distribute the total list of


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**Train Simulator 2015 is ready and waiting for you! The landmark year of 2015 is just getting started, and this is your chance to be the first to experience the game to its fullest potential! Train Simulator 2015 is a rail simulator that brings together the latest advances in digital technology to immerse you in a fully featured, flexible and immersive journey right to the edge of your PC monitor. Train Simulator 2015 allows you to drive any type of train on any railway you want, get behind the wheel of over 80 train types and a huge array of features and environments will immerse you in a rail simulator you’ve never experienced before! The game is being developed by Train Simulator developers in collaboration with passionate train enthusiasts and follows the acclaimed tradition of Train Simulator providing high-quality experiences with realistic train models. Train Simulator 2015 provides legendary gameplay through a revolutionary brand new graphics engine, highly advanced physics engines, authentic and detailed train models, high fidelity sound and advanced location based tools that allow players to create and share their own routes and projects. Train Simulator 2015 also brings to life the full 3D environment providing the most authentic railway experiences on desktop and high definition (HD) displays. KEY FEATURES: Revolutionary graphics engine: No other game has looked, played and felt like this before, and it’s all thanks to the next generation 3D graphical technology. The brand new GPX interface: Using GPS positioning technology, players are able to plan their routes easily and efficiently before departure. The new intuitive operating system: TrainSimulator 2015 offers an operating system that features all the information players need with a highly intuitive graphical interface. Intelligent location tools: Train Simulator features innovative online tools that allow players to easily plan their routes and share their own routes and projects with the whole community. High definition graphics: Train Simulator features high definition graphics with an ever increasing number of detailed and highly impressive track models, high fidelity sound and a brand new vibrant and detailed graphics engine. Realistic, highly detailed models: Train Simulator features detailed models of real life vehicles that provide a faithfully realistic feel to your journey. Easy to use controls: Train Simulator’s simple and intuitive operating system makes it easy to steer your train around the tracks and allows players to access all the tools and features on offer. Complete mission modes: TrainSimulator 2015 offers the complete mission modes players have always wished for, from our legendary speed mode to precision engine operation, from dynamic route mode to our whole track route mode and c9d1549cdd


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Beat the clock mode allows you to unlock additional content that is tied to the clock, so you’ll need to finish the game in a shorter period of time. Player Movement: Push block and dodge incoming attacks Pop Cancel any super attack to extend combos Special Attacks: Heavy Attacks: Punch or kick Burn Attacks: Fires a blast of different colored energy. Toxin Attacks: Attacker takes damage and inflicts the poison to their target. Instant Attacks: These attacks trigger instantly and allow for different finishers MerFight uses a lenient input style, requiring quarter circles to perform special and super attacks, while allowing simple tap inputs to be used to fill in for the lack of quarter circles. As a result, more aggressive players can successfully perform more aggressive attacks while relaxing and patient players can learn and perfect their more complicated attacks with practice. MerFight features an advanced combo system that allows players to chain attacks together and build new attacks through standard, special, and unique meter. Players can cancel any basic attack in mid-flight into an attack that is focused on high damage, high priority, or high utility. Staying in the air gives players a lot of extra time to chain attacks together, adding to the depth of the game. Players can perform a pop out of any attack that is currently in the air. This allows them to extend combos by cancelling any combination of high priority attacks. By using guard pops correctly, players can stay in the air longer and escape attacks by cancelling them. SPECIAL MERITO Vive Le Pain A special dance that adds a kick effect to each combo at the point of execution. NGAOLA A special high priority attack where both characters are knocked to the ground. OLBOOM! A special super attack that sends both players flying in the opposite direction of where they were standing. SCALE SENSORY A special movement and input scale where characters can move and attack more quickly. ACID CAGE A special effect that causes the target to take increased damage over time. ULTRA SERIAL An instant attack that is like a super and pops all at once, much like an air dash. MERZ Merite can have various effects, but when activated, it provides a buff to the character it’s affecting. A dance that is performed when certain characters get knocked off


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The Game Challenge Event schedule for the month of September 18th to October 31st 2015 runs from Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern Time each week. The turn around time for all scheduled challenges, both activations and some online challenges is one to two weeks, but that time frame is subject to change. Don’t worry, IF the challenges get cancelled we will be back to schedule with October’s contest run occurring on or around 8/23/15. Each week I will be tweeting updates of new contest activations, some highlights of the challenge events, and closing the week with a couple of nostalgia blog posts looking back at the past contests. We hope you enjoy these posts as much as we enjoyed making them. If you have any questions or complaints reach me at and I will do my best to get back to you. Week 1 – “Quizzaholic” Contest Reveals Results Our first contest of the month is “Quizzaholic” and follows players over six weeks trying to earn as many points as possible. I encourage everyone to create a character on their account now so we can jump straight into the game. Here’s where the contest starts and also when the “Challenge Description” is revealed. All players who have participated in the contest so far will be moved to the “Quizzaholic” section. The contest starts and ends at 7 PM ET on 9/17/15. The first week will run from 9/17/15 to 9/24/15. Week 2 – “Field of Risk” Contest Begins The second contest of the month takes place in the “Field of Risk” world. It’s a two player situation with one player as the Custodian and the other as a Contender. The objective of the Custodian is to kill the Contender and then claim as many points as possible. The second round is one week long and starts on 9/24/15. The scoring for this Contest will start on 9/24/15 and end on 9/30/15 at 7 PM ET. Here is a reminder of the rules of the contest with all points being scored as soon as a contest ends. Contest Rules There is a total score of 100 points for each of the contests. A Custodian can only survive seven rounds


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Stationeers is a “next generation” rail shooter. A true space game with the philosophy of an old school shooter, created by Grimrock and Space Rangers designer Eldritch. If you like “old school”, this is the one!It is a new rail shooter, with the basics of rail shooter games (Acceleration, an automatic camera, a single-player campaign and leaderboard). Will you survive the night in the asteroids? Key Features: Completely Single Player – No PSN, No Xbox Live, No Facebook Connect, No Internet required. You can play the game alone in any time and place (unlimited).Your Progress will remain safe and separate from other players. Big Levels – Stationeers uses huge levels, with tons of possibilities. Fog of War – You have no view into enemy areas, you need to use your brain instead. Top Down Shooting – Choose your weapons and use your brain to fight the enemy. Single player campaign – 5-10 hours of gameplay. What’s included in the Game? When you launch Stationeers the complete game is loaded in, with one hour of playing time. Here are some of the features included in the game: – 10 weapons in the base game and a huge variety of upgrades and add-ons for all of them. – Breathes Volatile gas (instead of Oxygen like earth life forms), making it easier to survive on the surface of the asteroid. – Much better graphics, you will enjoy the atmosphere of the game. – Move your ship around using mouse controls or the analogue stick on the joysticks of your gamepad. – A resource management mini-game in the base game. Build stations and get materials to continue the game (if you’re tired of the mining game). – Optional a interface to teleport from asteroids. – An in-game help screen. – Shortcuts to the menu and pause menu. – An avatar and four skins in the Steam Workshop. How to Play: The game uses a multiple-choice difficulty system. You play with a spaceship that can take 4 types of weapons. You can choose from a rock-breaker, a close range blaster, a long-distance blaster and a plasma gun. To win the game you need to survive the night. During the night you will encounter several enemies. At the end of the night the least number of enemies


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Additional Notes: Story Overview: The greatest warrior of all times – Gethzerion – has been locked away for years in the military complex known as Cloud City. Now, the Gethzerion Army is set to strike back on the grounds of Sanctuary. You and your party of heroes must use all their skill and cunning to destroy Gethzerion’s Army and free the ancient warrior once and for all. Discover and unlock the skills of the new hero class – Warrior – and battle to destroy the horde of Gethzerion’s army.


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