ToonTorrent is one of the most popular sites to download games, movies and TV shows. This is a site to find quality torrents for free. The search engine covers all popular file types like movies, games, software, music and much more. Although, the torrent links on toontorrent are not hosted by the site. This site specializes in the search and viewing of torrent files for free, including torrent downloads. Its one of the few sites that search for torrents that are not hosted by the site.

FasterWay has many good qualities. The main reason why we included FasterWay in our list is that it is the fastest platform to download torrents. They have a handy search feature that allows you to search for a torrent in seconds. Also, they upload all their torrents for you to download. All it takes is a few clicks. The biggest downside is that you may have to wait a while. Hence, FasterWay is a site that is recommended for those who like to download torrents quickly.

LibrePlanet is a search engine specialized in sharing downloads, videos, songs, and any other multimedia content. It has recently been growing in popularity since it integrates pretty much any type of file that you can think of. Like most search engines, Libreplanet is not very user friendly. However, once you sign up for an account, youll be able to retrieve most of the files that you are looking for.

Spotty is a directory specialized in finding the most popular free music downloads around. The website not only brings you a wide array of choices, but it is also very easy to navigate and find what you need. The homepage is as follows: