It is one of the largest download sites, specializing in the pirated versions of programs. The site’s layout is a bit chaotic, but it does make it easier to quickly grab a program you’re looking for.

This is a BitTorrent site that allows you to search a bunch of pirate databases. When you find a cool game you want to buy, search the database. When you see the game you want to download, click on the download link, and BitTorrent will download the torrent file and save it to your computer for you.

Here, you can find the cracked version of every game, including games that don’t seem to be out yet. To get the crack, select the game you want and click the “crack” button. Your download will begin immediately.

ADTs is a developer-friendly website where you can find cracked and un-cracked windows games and software for download. It’s great for finding games you’d like to buy and play for free. When you find something you like, click “Download” and start downloading!

BuildZ is a BitTorrent site where you can search for cracked games. Buildz will download the games for you, and then you can install them on your computer in seconds. It’s the easiest way to get uncracked games for free.

Program downloads from are often a little unreliable (although theyre not really much worse than those you can find elsewhere). The usual reason for this is that most people don’t know about it, or don’t know what theyre doing. Why not check if your program is on the site before downloading it? For Windows apps, youll find a search box on their homepage, which you can use to find your program by category, name, or keyword. If it doesnt appear there, try going to the program homepage and using the program name or category.