14-14 is a startup company https://cracksprofi.com/wifi-analyzer-path-keygen-new/ that wants to rival a few other famous torrent sites on the Internet. If they manage to pull this off they will most certainly succeed. However, 14-14 is a bit young to talk about its design and technicalities.

Want a download site like Youtube where users can upload videos https://cracksprofi.com/download-fraps-with-repack-latest-release-new/ and share them online so that they can be accessed by everyone? Then try Ketu.com. ThePirateBay is a bit different from the other torrent sites and that is why this website caught my attention. It is small, simple and easy to navigate.

Chow down, man! I feel like I’m https://cracksprofi.com/download-disk-drill-nulled-latest-version-for-windows/ eating ThePirateBay’s website. Not that this site is designed like PirateBay, but rather it has a clean and user-friendly design that makes it even more enjoyable. The download process is just as it is at ThePirateBay only without any banners and ads and that’s nice.

PowerDownload is another torrent site that shares its content like The Pirate Bay but in a more organized way where you can browse for stuff and make a search for it. That’s why the database of stuff here is larger.

If you are looking for a huge collection of torrents such as The Pirate Bay or TheDudeabides, then you should checkout the site called Ddcentral. It is a site that was designed to be a total search engine for torrents. It has a search feature that allows you to search for torrents by their title, keywords, etc and download them at once without any hassle.

Utorrent is one of the few torrent sites that don’t restrict you to torrents from just one source. In fact, most of the torrents are the ones uploaded by the users here and the ones downloaded by the users are simply a special feature of the site.