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* For overviews of Photoshop, and more information about the history of this program, check out Chapter 3 and the online article “A Brief History of Adobe Photoshop.” ## Adobe Camera Raw This is Adobe’s _RAW_ (RedEye Auto) utility, a program that allows users to process digital images in a manner similar to what happens in the darkroom. RAW files contain more information about the image than other digital formats. Adobe Camera Raw allows you to manipulate images before or during printing to obtain more information, such as tone, clarity, and color. You can edit RAW files in many ways, including adding or removing contrast, adjusting the image’s shadows or highlights, and changing saturation. You can also remove dust spots or fix undesirable white balance in RAW images. ## Adobe Lightroom As its name implies, Lightroom is a photo-management program, primarily for RAW and JPEG file processing. Lightroom is Adobe’s Web-based photo management software that uses a layered file structure with features similar to Adobe Photoshop, although it doesn’t have the same level of complexity. Lightroom is designed to be simple, yet efficient, and has a feature set focused on management of a large amount of digital images. The images you create with Lightroom are organized into collections, which can be further organized into tags. For example, you may use one collection for images taken at an earlier date and another for images taken at a later date. You can use tags to name your collections, and you can modify tags to change the way your photo library is organized. If you’re not sure whether Lightroom is right for your needs, try it out first using a free 30-day trial version. After the trial period, Adobe offers a suite of products called Elements, which includes Lightroom, and a full-featured Creative Suite, which includes even more productivity tools. ## Adobe Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is a little-known Adobe program, designed to be a complete solution for the home user. It uses the same tools as Photoshop, but includes a limited number of tools that are only available when you upgrade to the paid software. Thus, if you just want a good photo editor, you can get the same features using Photoshop Elements. The Elements Editor also includes tools for the beginner, such as adjustments for shadows and highlights and a histogram display. ## Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is one of the world

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Photoshop Elements gives you the power to edit color images on a desktop computer, in a browser, on mobile devices, and on the Web. To use Elements, you simply download and install the program from the Adobe website. Note that you can only use Elements as a companion to Photoshop, not as a replacement. Adobe Photoshop Elements includes most of the tools you need for professional-quality photo editing and design work. You can open files in the.PSD file format, and you can share your finished image files via the Web. As with Adobe Photoshop, the software is split into several modules, each of which serves a specific purpose: * Adjust: Allows you to make your photos or images look better with a few tools and adjustments. * Create: This module contains all of the tools you need to create and share your own unique images. * Edit: This module provides all of the tools you need to make your own graphics. * History: The History panel shows you the changes that you have made to an image. * Research: This panel contains all of the popular tools for working with photography. * Shake: This panel allows you to add noise, sharpen images, and otherwise manipulate them. The following sections contain more detailed information about each of the Photoshop Elements modules. Adjust The Adjust module contains a wide range of tools for adjusting your photos. It includes modules for Layers, Adjustment, Crop, and Transform. Layers Layers are the basic building blocks for the rest of the tools in Elements. Photoshop Elements opens each photo in a single, flat layer, but you can separate your photos into groups of layers, which you can combine with the Merge Layer command. Photoshop Elements offers several ways to arrange your layers. You can have them layered as if on a dark gray paper in a Photoshop document, vertically or horizontally. You can also create groups of layers, which you can nest into more complex layers. A single layer represents the single image that you have selected. Layers work like layers in traditional Photoshop, and you can add or remove layers and manipulate them in any way that you like. Figure 1. Layers represent the single image that you have selected. You can add or remove layers as you like. You can open a document with layers by using any of the following commands: Photoshop Elements Tutorials A 05a79cecff

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