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_fmt.jpeg) The hardest part about learning Photoshop is keeping up with its many features. A large body of knowledge exists out there, but it is a daunting amount for novices. The following list outlines some of the most common Photoshop actions (tools) and tasks that one can perform. ## Adjustment Layers An adjustment layer is a special layer with an adjustment applied to it. Figure 2-9 shows a simple example of how an adjustment layer can be used. **Figure 2-9:** An adjustment layer can be used to manipulate and overlay the photo you are working on. | — | — ## Quick-Fix The Quick-Fix option enables you to correct photographic errors in your digital pictures. You can correct a picture’s exposure, desaturation, or exposure and color. Quick-Fix offers an automatic fix for problems, but it’s no substitute for you fixing a problem in your picture. You can always use the Levels or Curves tools to address problems. ## Camera Calibration Most digital camera owners use Photoshop to calibrate their images. This option enables you to adjust and fix a variety of common problems, including White Balance, Lens distortion, Exposure, Color, Red-eye, and Lens flare. When the calibrate button appears on the Camera Calibration/Adjustment workspace, you can perform one or more operations to correct for problems that occur when a camera image is transferred to a computer or camera file, as shown in Figure 2-10. **Figure 2-10:** The Camera Calibration/Adjustment workspace is where you can make simple camera corrections. | — | — ## Smart Brush The Smart Brush works like a traditional brush but applies masking to an image to determine whether it should affect that area of the image. For example, if you spot an insect in the picture you took, you don’t want the bug to stand out. The Smart Brush enables you to fine-tune these areas that you want to be enhanced or blurred to prevent the subject from blurring. The Smart Brush is an easy tool that enables you to selectively blur and enhance an area. Its small selection and brush controls enable you to create a soft-focus blur by setting the brush’s size, softness, and

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Photoshop Elements comes in three editions: Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Elements for Windows, and Photoshop Elements for Android. This tutorial covers both the 2017 version of Photoshop Elements and the latest 2017 release for Windows (version 13.0). Photoshop Elements 2017 Tutorial This tutorial is for editing photos and creating new graphics. 1. Open Photoshop Open Photoshop from the App Store or Google Play and click “Get”. The Photoshop Elements app will open. Note: If you accidentally start Photoshop Elements the first time you open it, the UI may look slightly different than this tutorial due to some bug fixes. 2. Open your folder Navigate to your folder and “Open”. When you open your folder, you should see the document or photo you want to work on. When you open a folder, the first thing you will see is the folder contents at the top. There will be a triangle icon on the left and four files in your folder. Right-click on the triangle icon to show the other files in your folder. 3. Click the three dots on the top right corner From the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, drag down to reveal the list of files in your folder. Select the icon for the file you want to edit. After you select the file, the icons for the other files in your folder will disappear. 4. File menu On the left side of the screen, the icons for menu commands such as Edit, Edit > Edit In Place, Invert, Rotate, etc. are on the top right. In the menu bar, there is an “A” icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Click “A” and you will have the File menu. The File menu contains options for: File • New • Open • Save • Print • Image • Edit • Edit > Edit In Place • Enhance • Convert To • Trace • Page Setup • Help • About • File menu • File • New • Open • Save • Print • Image • Edit • Edit > Edit In Place • Enhance • Convert To • Trace • Page Setup • Help • About • File menu • File • New • Open • Save • Print • Image • Edit • Edit > Edit In Place • Enhance • Convert To • Trace • Page Setup • Help • About 5. Help menu 05a79cecff

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We’ll take a look at the most widely used effects. Retouching You can use Retouching tools to remove unwanted objects, light and shadow effects, and red eyes. Remove Unwanted Objects If you want to remove certain objects from your picture such as hair or hairs, brush to the color of the background and paint the hairs. Adjust Lighting and Shadow If you don’t want to paint the shadows or change the whole image’s lighting, you can use Lighting & Shadow tools, like Soften and Clarity. This feature allows you to use brushstrokes to adjust the lighting and shadow to your liking. Remove Red Eyes Red eyes are always a common problem for photos. If you don’t want to paint the eyes, you can use the Removing Red Eyes feature, which uses a different color of the skin (or where the eyes are located) to set them off as the background. Bump This feature is used for processing skin. Using it you can create greater definition and detail in the photo’s skin. Remove Background Remove Background uses a mirror effect, which is perfect to remove background or other objects. This feature is used for removing objects from the middle of the picture. To use the Remove Background feature, select the background area where you want to use the tool and paint away the unwanted parts. Warm This feature is used for correcting a cool photo. To use it, paint over the part of the photo that doesn’t look like it should. Vibrance Vibrance is a tool that gives colors a sense of richness. This tool is for giving colors a slight boost. Hue Hue is for adjusting brightness and color tones. This feature is perfect for adjusting the general color of your photos. Vignette This tool is used for giving a picture a soft blur. In addition, it can be used for creating the look of dust on a glass. Suitcase Brushes By painting a picture with a photo editor, you have a chance of finding a professional picture you can use for any purpose. When painting with a brush, you can use the shape of the brush that Photoshop provides you with. There are preset brush types, which include: Round: Perfect for painting rounded objects. Stro

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 x64 / Vista x64 Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual-Core, 3.4 GHz Quad-Core or equivalent Memory: 3 GB RAM Video Card: 1280×720 (60 Hz), 2560×1440 (50 Hz) or equivalent Network: Broadband Internet connection DirectX: Version 9.0c Hard Drive: 1.5 GB available space Additional:.NET Framework 3.5 (SP1) or newer; Internet Explorer 9