We all use post-it notes to write down an important piece of information, but most of the time they get lost easily. A nice replacement is their digital versions, for both the computer and different mobile devices. Memos come in handy when you wish to quickly store temporary info as well as schedule upcoming meetings or special occasions. Most virtual post-it notes come with a reminder and alarm sound in case you want to remember about an event before it happens. X-ATnotes is one of the many utilities out there who can help compose and handle numerous records. Populate your screen with many sticky notes There isn't much to say about the interface since it consists of multiple memos scattered across the monitor and a standard menu that can be accessed from the system tray icon. When creating a new note make sure it's the desktop as background as the panel is really small, barely visible at first, but once you type something, it becomes much easier to control. The window can be resized to the desired dimension by dragging the corners and moved to any location on the screen. By right-clicking on it, brings up the same menu like the one from the tray, and from where you can change the background color of the note, font, border tint, align the text and use a gradient. Personalize the general appearance and set custom alarms Plus, from the settings you have the option to modify the transparency level and preview the overall look of the notation, as well as pin it on top of other applications. The tool lets you make individual folders in order to efficiently store the notes into the corresponding groups. Another useful addition is the alarm that can be set to a specific date and time, has a start and end time and an option to repeat it in particular days of the week. From the same window, you can select if you want to keep the memo after the alarm, flash it and choose a distinct sound from the computer. On ending note The bottom line is that X-ATnotes is a reliable utility that comes in handy for everyone who needs to write and store diverse notations with different content. It can be used by novices and more experienced users thanks to its intuitive layout.







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Create sticky notes without leaving your computer! X-ATnotes Activation Code is a sticky notes utility for Windows, offering a simple interface and complete features. X-ATnotes For Windows 10 Crack Features: Create sticky notes without leaving your computer! Create sticky notes with different content such as text, numbers, hyperlinks, dates, and photos. – Sticky notes can be easily downloaded to your computer and can be stored in one of X-ATnotes’ folders. – X-ATnotes can take a photo and integrate it into a sticky note and will display it in its own representation. – Alarms can be set to specific dates, times and repeat them for seven days. – You can create sticky notes in the various categories: To Do, Meetings, Tasks, Events, Journal, Notes, and Projects. – Notes can be used to plan for the future, be a reminder of an item at hand, take down something or anything you want to remember. – Notes can be downloaded to your computer and then be used as a Web Clip. – Notes can be turned into RSS feeds and be used as the content for a Web page. – You can use Notes as a general note or a Journal. – You can set the Notes as the wallpaper or choose an image from your computer and place it on the Notes as the background. – Letters can be bold, italic, and underlined. – You can change the font type, size, and format. – X-ATnotes can be used as an alarm clock and you can set it to notify you via e-mail. – You can set a unique alarm sound for each of the X-ATnotes. – You can set any sound file to play when the alarm is triggered. – You can choose different fonts, colors, line spacing, and text format. – You can use arrows to point to the left or right, increase or decrease the note size and align the text. – You can also use a transparency level and have the sticker fade in and out. – You can pin notes to the screen or desktop. – Sticky notes will keep their properties when you exit. – X-ATnotes can recognize text that has been handwritten in any application (e.g., XPages, MS Word, Notes Designer) and make it stick in the Notes. – You can use X-ATnotes as a drawing tool by picking up a pencil or a stylus. – You

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Read user reviews: Other Programs from the Category: Pile of Sticky Notes , TextMan is a notepad that helps you write, manage and organize your text files and notes. Create a new file, synchronize notes, add text, double-click and more with ease. You can also make scannable, editable and searchable notes. Unlimited file and note can be created. With the creation of notes, you can create multiple formating styles and link notes to each other. Share text files, web links, PDF files and more. You can view and print notes with just a right click and print directly to it. Rich text editor supports four languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. You can now manage notes with your computer without emailing or faxing or mailing a paper notes. Key Features: ➤ Customizable interface ➤ Create, edit and manage notes. ➤ Sync notes between computer and mobile. ➤ Share text with right-click. ➤ Link notes to each other. ➤ Export notes to PDF file. ➤ Rich text editor supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and others. ➤ View and print notes with just a right-click. ➤ Print directly to it. ➤ Share text, PDF, web links. ➤ Use notes from computer desktop. ➤ Sync notes in multiple folders between computer and mobile. Key Features: ➤ View photo, video, audio, map notes in Notes program. ➤ Create and save notes in Notes program. ➤ Supported five languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German. ➤ Supports iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. TEXT MARK is a quick and easy Markdown writer. TEXT MARK is a fast, lightweight note taking tool. Create a new note, write a note, do markdown, and share notes with friends. Text Mark allows you to create a note with one single line of text. It is the best Markdown writer on Windows. Key Features: ➤ Create notes on Windows, iPhone, iPad and Mac. ➤ Write notes, highlight code and leave notes for others. ➤ Quickly format notes. ➤ Insert images and insert videos in notes. ➤ Track your to-do and your 7ef3115324

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X-ATnotes is a versatile notepad that can help you to manage your personal notes and future reminders. At the same time, the application is convenient to use for schools, colleges, enterprises and other places that need to centralize their work with a simple and user-friendly interface. Key Features of X-ATnotes: • Localization • Multiple notes, including web pages and PDFs • Create notes • Mark notes • Search notes • Navigate through notes • View notes • Alarms with a special sound and a numeric counter • Custom calendar support • Multiple windows and tabs • Blank notes for comparison • Formulas SimpleXy Notes® is a FREE, clean, easy-to-use note-taking software that works on Windows. You can attach files, such as images, MP3s, or PDFs, to your notes and keep them forever. You can also connect to cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, OneDrive, and Box. SimpleXy Notes® is available for Windows: Windows 7 or higher Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Support for multiple platforms: • Mac OS X Flexible note taking software built for your classroom. LogicNote is a completely free note-taking software. You can easily capture thoughts, gather information from a variety of sources like web sites, email or even speech recognition. You can organize your notes into notebooks, and even attach files of your choice. You can even access a list of all your notes in web browser, on a mobile device or the desktop. Key features: • Free • Notebook • 3 ways of collections: * Folders: Create as many subfolders as you want to group your notes. * Tags: With tags, you can easily find all the notes for a particular tag. * Your own: You have your own folder or notebook, where you can manage your own notes. • Customizable menus • Unsupported platforms • Speech recognition • Export to text file, PDF, HTML or Rich Text Format • More than 150 notes and notebooks included • Special keyboard shortcuts • Shortcuts to your common tasks • Color management • Page break management • Instant search • Page-wise scrolling • Organize your notebooks by date or by alphabet • Bookmarks • Multi-platform (Windows, Mac

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X-ATnotes is a basic note taking app with all the features a modern sticky note note should have. X-ATnotes can be used as simple sticky note application or as powerful note taking tool for anyone who needs to be reminded of something. Main features include: Notes manager: X-ATnotes is a note manager that can be used to store both single and multiple notes. Notes can be created, moved around and deleted. X-ATnotes supports notes upload to various cloud services (DropBox, Google Drive, SharePoint, Evernote,…) as well as notes download from them. X-ATnotes also supports multi-authoring where notes can be assigned to multiple users (with different roles). Alarm: X-ATnotes includes a reminder feature that lets you set a note to be reminded on a specific date and time. Reminders can be hourly or daily as well as weekly, monthly or yearly. Preview: X-ATnotes includes a preview window that allows to view, edit and delete note without actually having it open. Preview window allows to view, edit and delete note without actually having it open. Content editor: X-ATnotes has a note content editor that allows to create notes with different contents, apply border and color style, apply alignment and font style. X-ATnotes also supports attaching documents, photos and audio files. Automatic note linking: X-ATnotes links notes for you automatically. You just have to select what you want to link and how you want to link them. Notes synchronization: X-ATnotes notes for you automatically (provided you have linked notes and they are in sync). You just have to select what you want to sync and which folders and servers to sync them from. Folder management: X-ATnotes can work with multiple folders (including many subfolders) in different locations and serves (including local folders, network drives and internet resources). X-ATnotes comes in handy when you need to keep a record of various important information. Get X-ATnotes. X-ATnotes Lite There is a lighter version available for free that comes with all the basic features. The system is optimized to speed up the performance by reducing the size of the app as well as the storage of resources. The app comes in handy if you want to use it on limited devices like mobile phones and tablets. Aside from the interface that might be different, X-ATnotes Lite supports notes upload to various cloud services (DropBox


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Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 CPU: Dual core, Quad core, Dual Xeon, 2.8 GHz or faster Memory: 1 GB RAM Storage: 1 GB free disk space Recommended: OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, 8, 10 CPU: Dual core, Quad core, Dual Xeon, 3.0 GHz or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM Storage: 4 GB free disk space How to Play: F