Rise to Ruins is a free stand-alone, metroidvania (a hybrid of platformer and RPG) developed by Bibiki Garcia and Devolver Digital. You take control of Will, a normal boy that simply wakes up one day where he finds himself in a strange new world called “Götterdämmerung”, a world abandoned due to a disaster. Will has to explore the land, solve puzzles and clear the way to the castle that will take him to the “Place of rebirth” where he will return home. The soundtrack was composed and produced by Bibiki Garcia, it contains music made for every level in the game. Also, an additional disc with bonus tracks and masterpieces will be released for the soundtrack. Key Features: – Over 200.000 sounds: different types of enemies, collectibles, et. – 2 full endings, each with their own ending theme. – 60+ challenges, puzzles, minigames, rooms to explore. – All 30+ lore scenes made specially for the game. – Graphic Steam-like Water, Bloom, Lava, Dust, Fire, Energy. – 3D scene, real 3D graphics. – Huge 4K/Ultra HD Graphics. – 4 languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Russian). – Optional keyboard controls. – It’s FREE! Notes: Please be aware that Rise to Ruins is a game with a lot of microtransactions. Some features are unlocked after you buy the game at a certain price. You can see all the microtransactions on the first page that you’ll find when you buy the game. Each of these microtransactions has a limited time and once it has elapsed, you’ll need to complete the base game first before buying the specific content for that. Please check the EGM Games Purchase section for more information about the microtransactions in this game. When you beat the game you’ll also get, automatically, the exclusive content for the soundtrack. This is a 2 hours long film that features the hero, challenging the challenges of the game, the ending and all the big bosses you’ll have to face (bonus content for the soundtrack). Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4 EGM Entertainment: Disc 1 – Music Made for the Game Disc 2 – Legacy Tracks Disc 3 – Artwork Disc 4 – Bonus Items


Features Key:

  • Completely standalone VR game
  • 3D environment
  • Toledo remains in the scene
  • Experimental Java 3D features, work in progress
  • iPhone and Android support


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———————- Official website: Playstore: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Final Fantasy V Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a multiplayer net shooter where you will fight with your friends, take over the world, become the last man standing and much more. In this multiplayer net shooter you will face intense battles which will determine the fate of the kingdom. Find out more at: Taichi’s other version made by Taichi in this form is mainly made for the P-TECH version. Features: -Speedy movement -Faster learning speed -Many weapons to upgrade and use What is this game? You will fight against other minions for the extermination of various creatures in this multiplayer net shooter! In this multiplayer net shooter, you are suddenly transported into the digital world as a portal has been created. You must defend the portal and kill the different creatures that enter through it! Collect various items and use them to increase your attack power, add sound effects to your weapons, and much more in this game! ──────────────── How to play the game: Although the player can be controlled and choose whether to fight alone or in real time, the game screen includes the “monster” and “player.” Like this, you can play and change in the game at the same time. ──────────────── Optional features: – Ability to adjust the sound volume and mute – Ability to adjust the camera viewpoint – Ability to change the camera viewpoint as you control the screen – Ability to play the game and customize the character appearance and color ──────────────── Gameplay: In this game, you will be wielding a sword against the other minions, and fight using various items such as shields, weapons, and special skills. ──────────────── Use of this game: Gain weapons to fight in this game. ──────────────── Supported systems: iPhone and iPad Android d41b202975


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