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For music majors. Individual instruction in solo vocal or instrumental performance at the junior level. Representative works. Weekly repertoire laboratory required. Half recital required to complete junior level.

in the western world, the notion of being “greener” has the connotation of being more natural, ecological, and less damaging to the environment. the added social pressure of being more environment-friendly is not necessarily coincidental. it is a way of validating oneself and one’s assumptions in modern western society. the greening trend in the united states was gradual and sporadic in the 1950s and 1960s, but exploded in the early 1970s. the media played a big part in the growth of the greening trend, making it more acceptable and less threatening to the consumer. major themes of the media at the time included the need to protect the environment, more efficient technology, technological change, and personal responsibility in one’s personal consumption habits.

continuing to view movies, reading comic books, or playing video games is a great way for students to build technology skills. video games can be used to allow students to see, think about and express their own opinions about the characters and plot of the story while the characters are gaining further understanding of their roles within the plot. the advantage of this use of video games is that they allow them to use their prior knowledge, skills and vocabulary to make sense of the story and to develop their ability to think critically about the events taking place within the story.

the term model minority was first coined by sociologist william petersen in his 1966 article for the new york times magazine titled success story: japanese american style.88 the article highlights the educational and financial success of japanese americans, relative to other immigrant groups. the harmful conclusion was japanese americans were able to overcome discrimination as a whole. in addition, the model minority myth puts a racial wedge among minority communities forcing them to compete against each other over crumbs produced by racist policies. for example, the 1992 la race riot between blacks and whites decimated the korean american community. by the time the riots ended, 63 people were killed, 2,383 injured, more than 12,000 arrested, and property damage was estimated to be over $1 billion, much of which disproportionately affected koreatown.89 people of color are forced to fight over a small and limited portion of the best opportunities in the areas of jobs, where their children can go to school, admission to universities like harvard, power and leadership roles in the government, the ability to secure business and mortgage loans to determine where they can work and live, or just the peace of mind to be able to walk home safely. use writing assignments before, during and after each close reading. writing allows the teacher to assess individual student understanding, and formatively diagnose the literacy gains and needs of students. from my experience, even struggling readers perform well with close reading because they can find evidence directly in the text rather than depending heavily on their prior knowledge and experiences. it is essential that students engage in writing about the text throughout each lesson and also as a culminating activity. student writing can vary in length, with the expectation that all students are learning and practicing their writing skills with textual evidence. beside textual dependent analysis, teachers might afford students the opportunity to revise their papers after classroom discussion or teacher feedback. this will allow students to refashion both their understanding of the text and their expression of that understanding. 5ec8ef588b