The Installation Failed In The Second Boot Phase [EXCLUSIVE]

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The Installation Failed In The Second Boot Phase

So I decided not to upgrade, even though it takes too much time to complete because I didn’t want Gord to have all of that leftover corruption issue. I also can’t stress enough how important it is to read the applicable KB articles before upgrading. I went through the entire KB and found this KB article to be especially useful to my situation.

The article stated that we could have a corrupted system with Error 0xC0000135 caused by a corrupted boot record. During the course of troubleshooting, we tried what was recommended in the KB article. However, the solution didn’t work. The primary cause of the error was corrupted Windows Media Creation Tool, such as audio or video. I can’t stress how important it is to ensure that the tool is on-point. In addition, make sure that you have a clean installation and have downloaded the appropriate media. Continue reading the KB article.

Also, there was one more issue I had to deal with. The Windows 10 ISO isn’t officially available yet. However, the source code is available. Since we and many others are using Windows 7, we were able to obtain and use Windows 7 ISO images at the official website. If you have an ISO, you can proceed directly to Step Two.

Notice how I mentioned Gord has corrupt Windows installation? That’s because there were errors during the Windows 7 clean install. So It’s safe to assume that any Windows 7 installer is already corrupt. Furthermore, even though I tried to use Windows 7 ISO, same error messages arrived, so it confirms that the problem lies within the corrupted 0xC0000135. In addition, I had to spend quite a lot of time to repair my Windows 7 installation. The problem was not simple. Let me share my experience. First, to repair this, we performed an Advanced Boot Options Reset using the Windows Recovery Environment.