Stock Car Extreme

stock car extreme is a racing simulator developed by the company reiza studios, originally released on november 9th, 2014 for pc (windows and mac). it is the first title in the series stock car, it was developed in collaboration with the fia.

the basic principle of the game is simple: in a racing simulator, you can play a number of different races, and the game’s goal is to become a champion. in stock car extreme, you can play all races from the series: the german, italian, brazilian and english stock car v8, the brazilian stock car challenge, the british stock car, and the american stock car tour.

the game features a free, ongoing series of free updates that will improve the simulator in the future. these updates will add different features like introducing a new paint scheme for each of the series in stock car extreme, the addition of new tracks, a new rallycross track, and more. the updates will be released over the course of time, and they will be free for owners of the game. and reiza studios encourages players to submit feedback regarding the game through its official website.

reiza studios revealed the new scania racing series, stock car extreme, during the last days of gamescom 2013. the new series will be part of game stock car extreme and will run along the real brazilian series – stock car v8 – that starts this weekend in cascavel, brazil. you can watch a little clip with a little glimpse of the new series below:

reiza studios confirmed today that the game stock car extreme beta test is now available, and the game is now on sale.the beta test is open to all users who have installed game stock car extreme v1.18, and it will be free of charge for all users. you can find more information about the beta test and how to take part in it on the reiza studios website, and you can also watch the announcement trailer.