Truth be told, if you already have a demanding work schedule, then it is likely that meeting deadlines and making it in time for appointments are a job in themselves. In case you are looking for a way to improve your efficiency and become more organized, then you could use an address book. SSuite Office Address Book Pro allows you to save, store and retrieve information quickly and easily whenever you need it. An intuitive and straightforward contact manager The installation implies extracting an archive, whereas the interface is fresh, sleek and user-friendly. The UI consists of your list of contacts and you can view their names, surnames and email addresses for easy identification. In case you are having troubles finding a certain contact, simply type in any information you recall in the designated field. You can add, delete or edit basic details about your contacts by accessing the functions in the main window. It is necessary to mention that the application enables you to import an older address book as long as you have it saved in a CSV format. In addition, you can export your updated list as XML or CSV. In all fairness, it could support more file formats. It could use a reminder function In spite of its neatly organized interface and seamless functionality, the application does not allow you to set reminders. While you can include notes, photos and links about your contacts, you have to access the contact in order to view them. Being able to set reminders for important events, such as a meeting with an important client or a birthday for example, can ensure you never miss anything. A lightweight and quick solution for busy professionals Since it can boost efficiency and speed, it could be a handy tool for busy professionals who regularly juggle appointments and meetings. SSuite Office Address Book Pro enables you to keep all personal and business contacts in one place, so you can find the information your need quickly and retrieve it easily.







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This tool may be used in almost any industry. It can help you design job descriptions, update existing ones, post them on social networking sites or print them on business cards. The application is available free of charge. In addition, a 50% discount is being offered to those who purchase additional licenses. With the discount, the price drops to $19.90. The deal runs until April 30. An easy-to-use job posting tool The tool includes a bunch of template. For each template, the application displays a dialog box with minimal task instructions. You can edit, save and delete templates as many times as you like. Your job posting then appears in a spreadsheet. You can edit the data in the table by clicking any of the column headers. Besides, the application allows you to sort the data according to any field. You can then export the data to various formats. For example, you can export a copy of the table and send it to your friends or distribute it on social media by using the command “Export to PDF”. You can even send the file as an e-mail attachment. The application offers full support for the most popular social networking sites. In all fairness, you can send your job descriptions to anywhere you like. It also comes with a range of features that can help you make the most of your job postings. For example, you can choose to edit a job description with a resume, upload photos and use multiple columns for rich text. As you can see, the application has a lot of features. Therefore, you should use it properly. For example, you might need to find the best time to publish your job openings. In addition, you could use the application to easily find specific people and include them in your job listings. You can send messages to other social network users or add friends for different purposes. You can also attach documents, send links or create documents with images. As a whole, it is the most comprehensive application of its kind. Experience the best of technology with reviews of smartphone, tablets, applications, televisions and other such electronics. SmartPCFixer SmartPCFixer is an advanced software that enables you to diagnose and repair your Windows system. The software was developed by the same team who created Dr. Web’s Anti-Malware, and it can be used to remove various kinds of virus, trojans, adware and malicious files that have been planted on the Windows OS

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And you can easily fit it in the palm of your hand! Try to organize your life and contact list using the best address book software available in the software stores. We present the 17 Best Free and Paid Address Book Software for you. Find the perfect tool for your needs. You can choose among the most relevant software at your disposal, whether it is a powerful contact manager or address book software. If you are already using a third-party app for contact management, there are options that allow you to manage these contacts on the move. Check out our list of the most popular apps and contact management solutions that were compiled after user reviews, rankings and ratings. From powerful cross-platform cross-application solutions to freeware and mobile apps, you can easily choose the contact manager that suits your needs best. What you will find here are the most popular cross-platform cross-application address book solutions, contact management and desktop organizer applications available in the market today, as well as the best application for import and export contacts between platforms. We selected and tested the top applications to meet your needs. Free and Paid Universal Address Book Solutions In this section, you can find our top recommendations for the most powerful and functional address book solutions that exist for all platforms. If you are looking for a cross-platform and flexible address book software solution, you can quickly find the top mobile contacts solution, desktop and cloud based applications or the address book builder. Your address book software should have very few problems storing all your contacts and you should be able to easily add new contacts to it. Of course, you also need to be able to quickly access, view and edit the information. You will certainly enjoy using a product that can import contacts from several other solutions and supports a large list of different types of file formats. An excellent and convenient contact manager shouldn’t be too simple, but it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. You have access to all the most widely used and efficient contact management applications available in the market today. What to keep in mind while choosing the best address book software? You should ensure that the software you choose can really serve its purpose. It would be great if the app not only performed as it should, but also integrated with other tools that you currently use. This is an important feature since you want one tool that works smoothly with all the rest of your tools in the Operating System. As the best free and paid address book software, you can find the ones aa67ecbc25

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* Get organized in your address book * Organize your contacts with ease * Efficiently manage contacts with a simple to use interface * Save contacts in the cloud * Efficiently organize appointments and keep track of business meetings * Store details on your contacts including names, contact numbers, photographs and more * Seamlessly sync your contacts between devices * Import, export and export your address book * Add and edit contacts * View contacts details * Create and view notes for your contacts * Add and edit memos for appointments and meetings * Efficiently store and retrieve contacts, files, folders and more * Import and export your contacts * Seamlessly sync your contacts between devices * Add and edit contacts * View contacts details * Create and view notes for your contacts * Add and edit memos for appointments and meetings Описание: It is common for people to get lost with the task of finding a contact to deal with. SSuite Office Address Book Pro is a lightweight address book that makes finding contacts a breeze. You can import and export contacts on any mobile device and cloud connected, so your information is always with you. With SSuite Office Address Book Pro, you can find information that will help you stay organized and easily handle all of your contacts. Мой опыт: Short Description: SSuite Office Address Book Pro is a complete Address Book software that has more than 20 features that make it one of the best Address Book software. 1.Add and edit contacts: Easily add a contact by using the Add button. If you want to modify a contact’s information, simply double click on it. You can either edit contact’s name, phone number, fax number, photo, email address and other contacts information. You also have the option to add memo for meeting. 2.Import and export contacts: Simply install, start the application and it will give you the option to upload contacts from one of the most popular contact managers. You will get a list of folders to choose from when importing contact list. You can also import contacts in various formats including csv, xls,.txt and.vcf. You will see the list of contacts after importing. By default, all of the imported contacts will be added to the default folder. However, you can change the location of contacts by choosing a folder during import

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You will need an Ethernet cable or WiFi to get on and play. Your internet connection is required to install the patch and download files. requires that you have a account, and a valid password. To create an account or upgrade an existing account, you will need to provide your name, address, telephone number, and your legal age. will then send you a registration code via email or post mail. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by selecting Account/Security/Forgot password on the