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SpeechCalculator is a simple to use calculator that makes it easy for children to perform mathematical operations. SpeechCalculator can be used to perform the following operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Decimal Point, Positive and Negative Numbers, Number Clear. SpeechCalculator is Free. SpeechCalculator is Free. It does not install any programs or files to your computer, but it does use the.NET Framework for speech recognition. The SpeechCalculator program is not associated with any websites, companies or other corporations. It is completely free and does not contain any links to any other services. SpeechCalculator is Free. SpeechCalculator will read out loud every number you enter, if you disable this feature, you can just enter the numbers. SpeechCalculator uses an artificial male voice. SpeechCalculator allows you to play and pause the speech anytime you like, while you are working on your math calculations. SpeechCalculator can be installed on any PC. SpeechCalculator does not come with a setup kit. SpeechCalculator does not modify any settings in your computer, it does not send any information to any servers and does not add any entries to the system registry. SpeechCalculator does not have any other configuration settings, you can only choose to use an artificial male or female voice and you can disable the number reading out loud feature. SpeechCalculator does not have any other settings or configuration settings, you can only choose to use an artificial male or female voice and you can disable the number reading out loud feature. Speech Calculator Screenshots: Speech Calculator Full Version Screenshots: Speech Calculator Key Features: Create SpeechCalculator.exe setup package SpeechCalculator makes it easy to perform mathematical operations. The only thing you have to do is to choose the mode you would like to use and type the numbers into the text box. SpeechCalculator will automatically convert the numbers you type in to speech. SpeechCalculator can be used for calculations, finding a sum, a difference, a product or a quotient. SpeechCal

Speech Calculator Free Download X64

– VSP Speech Engine – Calculate 20+ complex formulas in just 2 seconds – Multi-digit numbers are read out loud by the robot voice – Don’t have to learn complex math equations – Safe to use by kids, students and even business people – We strive for excellence in software development – We developed Speak with Software – Use Keymover to migrate old macros to Keymover VSP 7 – Why spend time learning old VSPs – with the new Keymover we can export your macro to VSP 7 using only 1 file – Do you use Office and Excel (2010) or Numbers (2010)? – We supply you with an Office 2007 macro with ONLY a modification: Remove the old macros to install Keymover. So you can use VSPs with Office 2007 from now on. – There are NO RISKS – we guarantee the security of your data Speech & Text Processing – VERY EASY: – KEYMOVER utility (it’s not required) – Language support – Very short time of downloading (10 minutes) – Very few downloaded tools – The basic of Keymover 7 is so fast that you don’t even notice it! – For example, the package of Keymover 7 contains 300 macro files (.EXE files). – Those files are stored in one ZIP archive (just 1 folder), so it’s so fast and easy to use, that there’s no time to download or unzip the files. – More than 300 files! – Macros are stored by Keymover 7 and are selected based on the time, so it’s very fast. And a lot more! References: Speech Calculator Speech Calculator is a simple-to-use application that gives you the possibility to perform standard math operations. The key feature lies in the fact that it can read each number of the equations out loud using a robotic male voice. The tool comes in handy for children trying to learn algebra, for instance. a86638bb04

Speech Calculator

As the file name suggests, Speech Calculator is the simplest app on the market that allows users to type in math problems and have them read out loud to solve them. There’s no need to remember codes or keystrokes, since Speech Calculator has an automatic voice that speaks numbers out loud. Anyone can use it to perform standard math operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It’s also possible to input positive and negative numbers and the decimal point. Unfortunately, Speech Calculator doesn’t have many customization options. You can’t adjust the speech volume or rate or record the output to an audio file, so you’ll need to memorize the speech patterns if you don’t want to type everything in. You also can’t add notes or add support for other languages, but it does support the Win32 API so you can write your own add-ins if you want to. As a bonus, Speech Calculator comes with a demo version that includes a single mathematical problem for practice. Visit the official website here: Robotulado Robotulado is a robot that performs math calculations in Spanish, Swedish and English, as well as popular words and numbers in any language. It has an easy-to-use interface and a feature to activate the robotic voice. The application is ideal for children learning to read or for adults who want to solve mathematical problems. Key features: * SoundBoard with words and numbers in all languages * Easy-to-use interface with a sample problem to solve * Easy navigation with a left and right button * Easy speech recognition, the software speaks and writes out numbers in numbers or words * Robotic voice to read the numbers * Supports Windows XP and higher Uninstalled and does not add entries to the system registry, Robotulado is an easy-to-use application that allows you to solve mathematical problems using spoken words. The interface is easy to use, with the available options being: solution, questions, exercise, help, results, and share with others. Its features include: * Easy navigation with left and right buttons * Easy speech recognition to read numbers and words * Easy speech to hear the numbers * Easy speech to write the numbers * Program to solve the sample problem * Speech examples in any language * Supports Windows XP

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Speech Calculator is a simple-to-use application that gives you the possibility to perform standard math operations. The key feature lies in the fact that it can read each number of the equations out loud using a robotic male voice. The tool comes in handy for children trying to learn algebra, for instance. Needs.NET Framework to work properly The basic calculator isn't wrapped in a setup kit. Instead, it consists of a single.exe file that can be saved anywhere on the disk or copied to a USB flash drive to effortlessly launch Speech Calculator on any PC. It doesn't add any entries to the system registry or generate extra files on the computer. However, you must have.NET Framework installed, since it depends on this software framework. Unpolished interface for straightforward calculations As far as the interface is concerned, the software application adopts a standard.NET Framework form that doesn't put any emphasis on visual appearance, since it prefers to focus on functionality. It's possible to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, use the decimal point, positive and negative numbers, as well as to clear everything to restart the calculation. The robotic male voice speaks every entered numbered. However, you can disable it from the "File" menu. Unfortunately, this is where the app's functionality ends. Rudimentary calculator with text to speech It doesn't have other options or configuration settings. For example, it has a single voice option available and it's not possible to record it to an audio file or to adjust the speech rate or volume level (separately from the system volume). All things considered, Speech Calculator offers a simple option for using a basic calculator that has a voice for reading numbers out loud. But it doesn't have an attractive interface or interesting features to draw you in. Source: Store Express.com A speech calculator, also known as a virtual speech-to-text calculator, is a calculator that reads numbers and mathematical operations to you aloud. The speech calculator software comes in handy for students trying to learn basic arithmetic or algebra, for instance. You can adjust the volume and speech rate of the calculator’s voice. Speech calculators also have customizable accents and speak positive and negative numbers too. Features of a Speech Calculator A speech calculator is a computer application designed to let users perform simple mathematical operations on their personal computers. They are also known as virtual speech-to-text calculators. Speech calculators are usually capable of doing calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, as well as reading numbers aloud. They can also be used for calculating prime numbers, square roots, and trigonometric functions. A speech calculator is a handy tool that can be used to perform


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​- Minimum of 1GHz processor – 16GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or equivalent AMD Radeon HD 7750 – Dual display (recommended) – 1024×768 display resolution ​- Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent AMD Radeon HD 7500 (if using a card that does not have an HDMI port) – Microsoft Windows 7 or later (64-bit) – Sound Card (speakers) ​ Control options: Controls: W