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Download ZIP ✵✵✵ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


For this costume, Ayane has been given her upgraded version, Ayana. Ayana’s portrait is now made of blond-colored metal, while her head, arms and legs are made of red-colored metal. Her feet and hands are held together by wire, giving them a complete appearance that looks a bit out of place, but it fits with her personality. Further into the game, Ayana has developed all new moves like the “Ultra Awakening” and “Side Mode”, adding new moves to her “Ultra Combo”. The costume uses the same Diorama technique as her costumes, so if you have all Ayane costumes, you can customize with Ayana’s and enjoy them all. Coloring Set *Add to Order*: – DLC: “Spring Tension” – Includes: Ayana #1, Ayana #2, Ayana #3 Ayana – The Ultimate Sportsman DOA6 (Female Version) – Includes: Ladders – Character Model: Ayana – Character Style: Super Violent DOA6 Ayane Black and White (Huge Version) DOA6 Ayane (Huge Version) DOA6 Ayane (Huge Version) (Neo Version) Akuma DOA6 Akuma DOA6 Mary – The Goddess DOA6 Mary – The Goddess DOA6 Natalia DOA6 Natalia DOA6 Vash DOA6 Vash DOA6 Ayane Black and White (huge Version) DOA6 Ayane DOA6 DOA6 Ayane DOA6 Ayane DOA6 Ayana DOA6 DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DOA6 Ayana DO


Features Key:

  • Tap to turn on/off the synthesizer!
  • Boring background music!
  • A new concept: tap the screen to skip commercials!

How to play this game:

  • Tap and hold to move the sound waves around. Try to time your tap to line up a nice bump of sound.
  • Dodge the boxes!
  • The corn machine needs to be satisfied. Make some popcorn while you play!

More of this game here:

Cats Style 3

Cats Style 3 Game Key features:

  • Tap to play!
  • Tons of hidden achievements!
  • Pretty rad cat puns!

How to play this game:

  • Hit a set of colored balloons to play the game!
  • Touch a cat to notice a pun!
  • Bum bum cats


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