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The SIMFOXX Privacy Policy sets out how SIMFOXX uses and protects any information that You provide to SIMFOXX, or that SIMFOXX collects from You. In addition, information on SIMFOXX’s policies is also set out in the SIMFOXX and the MotionHub download Page. You can make a choice about how Your data is collected and used at the time of providing such information.

There are no special features (other than the fact you need to be online with the Blackberry) and it simply saves all the data you input to the Calendar into a file you can download onto a different phone or computer. What makes this cool is the ability to input data into the calendar, e.g. event start time, end time, name, location, etc. and then those items will save to a file. These files can be then copied to your desktop or computer or sent to other phones.

For all its robustness, it lets you roam freely between a multitude of data sources. It’s also a splendid complement to most other mobile apps, thanks to its constantly evolving list of native features.

This freeware for Windows systems is compatible with all recent versions of Windows but the version of the operating system is not necessarily listed here. What is important is that it complies with the EULA, which may or may not state which operating system the product is compatible with. As ever, you should check the software’s information and payment conditions before ordering. It may also be available on other websites. In addition, some companies make some software available to download for free, for example for testing purposes.