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Shadow Corridor [hack]l

most shaders can set up a primary and/or secondary shadow cone. when the primary shadow cone hits a shadow renderer or shadow camera, it will be discarded and secondary shadows will be produced if needed. secondary shadows will be controlled with the secondary cone size .

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you can create a shadow corridor in a regular three-corner room. open a tool-box, pull out a screwdriver, and start screwing holes in one of the walls. it’s very easy to do. start with an at-wall wall, then create a hole through the wall at least 10 feet above the floor. when you step back and look at the room, it will appear that your walls are doorways to a massive corridor. you can do this with two walls if you have a smaller room. the corridor can be any length and any shape and use any walls. you can do this in both regular non-fractured walls and walls that are fractured. (make sure you un-screw anything you screwed before removing the screw)