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the specific character of sin is the rejection of the original good, god’s good gift. man is therefore in a state of extreme dis-union and separation from god. the fact that man, contrary to the truth about the image and likeness of god, has made himself the measure of sin, and that he is separated from god, is the purpose and meaning of the entire bible. it is this living out of the truth about sin that manifests itself in the life of a christian. the truth about sin, in fact, is the truth about salvation, the means of salvation for the one who trusts in christ. the death of jesus, the sacrifice of his cross, was a sacrifice not only for the church and for the world. the cross was also a sacrifice for the man of sin, for the one who has rejected the truth about god and his image in man, and who at the same time has willed to become as god. jesus’ death on the cross of calvary, as the definitive sacrifice of the sin of the world, restores the original unity and harmony with god. because of this restoration, sin can no longer destroy the relationship with god, but only hinder it. god in christ took on himself the sin of the world, so that man might be reconciled to him. that is why the one who trusts in christ can go to god as a free man, who has been liberated from sin. the truth about sin reveals itself to us in the life of the church: the church is the place where god made known to the world the truth about sin, the place where he gives to man the grace of redemption and the truth about salvation. christ came to reveal the truth about sin to men,and yet the church in her interminable life continues to reveal it and to propagate it. in this sense, through her apostolic work, the church is also called to promote and propagate the truths about salvation: about the god of truth, about the truth about sin, and about the truth about the church, which is the place where this truth is proclaimed. the church is the place where god, his truth and his salvation are made known to men and to the world. the church, the bride of christ, the faithful people of god, is the place where all truth is unfolded, where all salvation is communicated. it is in this way that the truth about sin is made known.

32. what is said in the book of revelation about the truth of god about love brings into the open the truth which is said in the book of genesis about the two principles of the image of humanity. although this truth cannot be grasped simply in the light of the mysteries of grace, it is the living and at the same time the inexhaustible source of all human truth about god. in the light of the mystery of the salvation of all humanity, the feminine principle is revealed in the power of the logos by the mystery of grace. it is the trinitarian logos which penetrates all things in the unity of the one god. rs means book pdf free 15 33. the truth about woman which is expressed in the letter to the ephesians is not just an anthropological truth. it is the truth of redemption itself. women and men share in the one life of redemption, the redemption of all humanity. consequently, women, after the manner of holy virgins, must assume without reserve the full demands of their love for christ and of their consecration to the service of the church. they are to do everything to gain the gift of holiness and everything to retain it. [63] this is the context in which christ, sharing in the life of the church, comes at the call of the father to share the mystery of his mother’s sanctification, and to bless her with the love of the father through the indissolubility of marriage. in exchange, both husband and wife are called to reciprocate this love of christ with an intimate and free generosity towards one another. the perfections of the new community formed on this basis, in which christ as bridegroom of the church and his bride are totally identified with one another, can only find their full realization in a life governed by charity, in which the mutual giving and receiving of the gifts of both spouses are directed towards the common good, thus taking the form of love. 5ec8ef588b