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Defining Decency Today, the San Francisco–based firm isn’t focusing on the operations of the social network itself, rather it’s staffing its public data center with security personnel and making sure that the information and hardware it’s storing is secure. On Monday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission formally proposed a rule that would require publicly traded companies to disclose information about their cybersecurity posture in their annual reports. The requirement would become effective next April, and will result in companies increasing spending on cybersecurity in the coming months. The current rule, Rule 203 of the Securities Act of 1933, requires companies to disclose only their cyber policies and procedures. The new requirement will require companies to identify any known cybersecurity risks, and provide additional details about measures they are taking to address those risks. The main benefit to companies in complying with the new requirement is that they’ll be subject to less lawsuits as a result of hacks, making it harder for miscreants to use recent hacking events to settle damages. It’s likely that the most successful breaches of the last year — such as the Target and Home Depot hacks — would not have taken place if the new requirement were in place. The new requirement is considered a good step, but the SEC’s proposed rule didn’t go far enough, according to David McLaughlin, president and CEO of the brokerage services firm Charles Schwab, and Thomas Ginter, CEO and president of the technology trade association BSA, in a letter to SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar. “While we support the long-term goal of this proposal, we question whether it is the best way to achieve that goal,” wrote the two men. “In particular, we think it would be better to provide additional options other than public disclosure, such as private self-reporting by companies, to give investors more information about cyber risks without inviting costly and protracted litigation.” The new rule only requires companies to disclose a cyber posture, not vulnerabilities. “Too many times in the past the SEC has adopted rules that provided information about cyber risks but, for all practical purposes, left companies to operate as if they didn’t need to address those risks in their cybersecurity programs,” Ginter and McLaughlin wrote. “By failing to address cyber risk with a specific set of requirements, SEC risks exposing the public to these risks if and when the risk materializes.” Looking Forward On Monday, the SEC also proposed a rule that will apply to privately held companies. The agency said that in addition to providing cybersecurity information


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If you are going to leave comments please write them at the bottom of the site. We love comments. Please like, share, favorited. Official voice-over: Click here to see more Roblox cheat codes. What is Roblox? (and free robux) Roblox is an incredibly popular website for children and teenagers. And of course, adults as well. Online videogames have been big business in the past, but in the last decade new games and software were created. Especially a game called Roblox which is ideal for imagination and fantasy. Some games on Roblox are free, while in others you can pay with real money. In this video I want to make clear what Roblox is, what you can do in the website, which cheats you can use and I’ll show you how to generate free robux easily using a Roblox hack. Note: The code above is the text of the official description. But the players who use that code do not obtain any free robux. Official voice-over: As a kid I loved playing with my brothers at the kitchen table or playing hide and seek. I loved to create games and worlds. I loved to have fun. Everything became much more realistic with the advent of Roblox. Now I can create my own games, the world is completely empty to make it realistic. But you don’t have to think about how to create a game. You can create anything. The game is completely free, so that everyone can come to play. With Roblox, children have the freedom to create, imagine, and let their imagination run wild. With over 20 million members around the world, you can engage with friends, family, and other members on Roblox in virtual worlds. The possibilities are limitless. Instagram: Twitter: To learn more about this game and gameplays, visit this site. Music: ‘Inglorious’ by Jingle Punks Like comment share and as always, have fun! Visit: Subscribe to my channel:


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