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the legend of zelda: ocarina of time was developed by nintendo ead as a sequel to the game boy version, adding more content and gameplay features. it also featured a new motion control, the ocarina of time was the first game to fully implement the nintendo 64’s new motion control, utilizing the console’s microphone to control link’s movements. link and zelda do not use any button prompts. both are controlled by the motion sensing wand. the game was also the first to use the vertical rumble feature of the nintendo 64 controller, which causes the player’s sword to shake, move around, and have a unique “ink” effect. the console’s rumble feature is used in a number of areas, such as when link uses the master sword to attack enemies, and when he switches weapons with zelda.

link saves zelda from a crumbling wall, and then she informs him of the threat they face. the evil hylian army is marching on hyrule to reclaim the triforce of courage. she also explains that the only way to defeat ganon is to find the master sword, which was stolen by ganon ages ago. link then sets out to find the master sword. during his travels, he can find and equip each of the new weapons, namely the fairy slingshot, fairy bow, and the hookshot. after finding the master sword, link realizes that he must use all three of his weapons in order to defeat the evil hylian army. link then proceeds to the final battle against ganon. the triforce of power was already taken from the evil hylian army, but the triforce of courage is in ganons possession. link finds the triforce of courage and defeats ganon, and the battle is finally over.