The world of Tarnished is a world where the power of the Elder Ring, a long forgotten artifact that was taken from the descendants of the Old Kingdom, has been lost. This world is beset by darkness and monsters that have taken over. It is said that one shall be born to restore the Elder Ring. Steppandarn’s Restoration: Rise 1.100 years ago, the Grand Elder came to the realm to become the New Grand Elder. The world of Tarnished, whose people were waiting for the return of the Elder Ring, was in a dark age. On the day the Grand Elder’s door to the realm stood open, a silent figure appeared and banished the darkness. The young man named Tarnish was instantly transported into a world where the Elder Ring was lost. Tarnish will be the one to restore the Elder Ring. 1. In this vast world, there are countless monsters, and the whereabouts of the Elder Ring are unknown. However, the Elder Ring was once taken from the descendants of the Old Kingdom. Therefore, for the restoration of the Elder Ring, first of all, it’s necessary to find the Elder Ring, and to find the New Grand Elder, 2. From a distance, Tarnish can see the old valley where the Elder Ring disappeared. After entering the valley, Tarnish will be in a battlefield with a structure that resembles a tower. After entering the tower, a huge monster named “Orcide” appears. 3. Tarnish and Orcide’s conflict POWER STRUGGLE: 1.Master powerful skills for battle with Orcide. 2.Raise the strength of your weapons POWER CONTROL: 1.Control Orcide’s movements. 2.Raise the strength of your opponents. 3.Various other battle options… The culmination of the battle is Orcide’s resurrection. Even if the battle ends, Orcide’s resurrection will start. The end is in your hands! The library and some supporting files have been placed in the LLVM Project. Copyright (C) 2006-2019 MaNGOS All rights reserved. This file is part of the Open Mana World of Warcraft. Contributions by: MaNGOS Source:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique engine: Powered by the Editor of the RPG Action game genre, Fantasy RPG Core$!
  • Classless Progression*: Strategic leveling systems with no classes! A system in which your item and weapon power and the stats of your weapon, armor, and weapons, as well as the skills of your class all improve.
  • Dynamic Online*: An online element that loosely connects you with other players and allows you to interact with them as of yet unrevealed characters on your adventure. Through this medium, you can also search for people who want to challenge you to play or fight together.
  • Easy Character Customization*: Nearly everything about your character can be customized! If you want to combine the class abilities of your favorite unit, or if you want a separate weapon, you can easily set that! In addition, you can even randomly generate a character that is perfect for your play style!* Only rage!
  • A Frantic, Bawdy Battle*: A fighting style based on the Battle Battle parts of ARPG, Fantasy RPG Core$! Combat is action-packed! Unlike other mobile games, you hold down the attack button in order to unleash an overwhelming attack using the skills of your character! When you’re tired, you can rest. At this time, other party members can also rest!* Don’t think I’m just talking about engagement skills. When you no longer have enough Hit Points, monsters increase in their aggression, and when your friends drop out, enemies greatly increase in their aggression!* *With entirely different battle styles than Fantasy RPG Core$!! You can even personally adjust the AI of monsters when you’re going through APT (Adrenaline Pulse Trigger) skills. We will work to provide more exciting battle through lots of improvements, so please wait for further news! Also, in these parts of the battle, please be sure to fight well! Because if you raise even a bit of the opponent, you can cut down their chances of victory.
  • The Atmosphere of an Item*: Equip an item that reflects the atmosphere of the book. An item that has a powerful effect when you combine it with another item. And an item that has an effect depending on the desired area you use it in. Such as awakening your own abilities or reducing your Will.
  • Alternate Missions*: A


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    Thu, 22 Jul 2019 22:06:42 GMT Online Subscription2019-07-22T22:06:42ZThe Awakening 2‘s Art Preview

    The Awakening 2 has been greenlit and will be released globally on June 26, 2019. The latest trailer will introduce many of you to the art of The Awakening 2, the latest game from the team known as Vibration.

    In its guise as the continuation of its first project, Vibration once again struck upon a deep, timeless theme with the game itself, the story, the characters, and the world as a whole.

    From the full-color, full-fledged art to the living, breathing essence of Vibration’s work, let’s take a closer look at the art of the game. Although the world of Vibration is a place of such profound hope and sorrow, it is still filled with beautiful expressions, powerful


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