Blitz Games has released a Fantasy Action RPG that is the successor to the popular Elden Ring ( The game, Elden Ring: Rise of Tarnished, continues the story of Shina, who made it to the Lands Between. Now, he seeks for the mystical artifact called Anorodus, which he lost. It lies somewhere in the lands between- a place known as the Lands Between- but it will not be easy to reach. This new game, Elden Ring: Rise of Tarnished has a vast and exciting world of freedom. In the game, you can freely change the play style and develop the character by adjusting the skills and abilities. You can customize your character, equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic, and of course, you can also craft the items in your inventory using items that you find throughout the game. The world of the game is vast and has a variety of situations that you can encounter. This is where the thrill and the joy of new discoveries will take place. The game is developed for PCs only. ABOUT BLITZ GAMES Blitz Games, a Japanese game development company, was founded on May 11, 2006. It was established to create high-quality games with the style of Japanese games and to bring Japanese games to the worldwide market. In order to create the very best game to the fans that expect an ultra-high quality game experience, Blitz Games continued from the Japanese style of game development, and improved it. The team’s goal is to create high-quality games with a unique Japanese style, a polished art, and a theme suitable for Japanese games that will last for many years. The first Blitz Games game was released in September 2009 and the company became known as a publisher of the Japanese RPG. Please visit for more information. BEIJING, CHINA — (Marketwire) — 06/18/12 — Blitz Games has announced that Elden Ring: Rise of Tarnished, the latest installment of its award-winning Elden Ring RPG series, is now available for the PC in all regions. Elden Ring: Rise of Tarnished is a skill-based Fantasy Action RPG with an addictive game


Features Key:

  • The Biggest Campaign A GM-less RPG whose scale is comparable to the Tales of series, Ourgame has many players and a huge, beautiful world. You’ll experience epic battles, meet powerful monsters, experience the joys and hardships of living on the border between two separate worlds, and play as a legendary hero of the past or present.
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    CRITICISM ◆Drawbacks of Bad Game Design ◆Understandable, but… ◆”If this is all that Time After Time is like, then…” ▫ 変剧ゲーム:ゲームが変わりすぎて無責任な画面になる問題 ▫ ゲームデザインにわたって ▫ それはいかがわしいか。 ▫ そのほんの少しは理解できるが、…… ▫ 「Time After Time(タイム アウト トゥム)」の様なゲームではそんなにつらいことにはならないのかも……。 ◆■◆ ▫「Time After Time」がそんなにつらいことにはならないのかも……。 ▫ どういうことで「タイム アウト トゥム」の様なゲームを作ることに挑戦したんだ?? ◆What makes a game appealing? ▫ まあ、なんだろう。 ▫ なぜであんなの読めるそうじゃないか? ▫ 実際にゲームをプレイするとどうなるのか? ▫ 「タイム アウト トゥム」がそんなにつらいことにはならないのかも……。 ◆■◆ ▫「Time After Time」がそんなにつらいことにはならないのかも……。 ▫ どうやって「タイム アウト トゥム」の様なゲームを作ることに挑戦したんだ?� bff6bb2d33


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    DESCRIPTION Hello, this is a fan made remake of ELDEN RING. By using various edited content and new scenes taken from the Blu-ray, it has been assembled while ensuring a fair balance between original and modified material. The game world remains faithful to the original, but many new additions have been made. The concept of the game remains similar but the presentation has been completely revamped in order to bring it to the next level. GAMEPLAY ELDEN RING game: CONTROLS You can switch between the first-person and third-person view by pressing L and R, respectively. You can navigate around a map with the D-pad (left/right) and select items with L, or move with the X button. You can move with the left analogue stick, and use the right stick to aim your weapon. When in battle, pressing X increases the attack power, and pressing Y decreases it. The square button jumps, and the circle button activates special attack skills. The touch screen is used to interact with non-player characters. INTERFACE ELDEN RING game: DISC 1 This disc contains the main game. Designed for PlayStation 4. DISC 2 This disc contains the special bonus content. Designed for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT DESCRIPTION: IN A WORLD WHERE RAIN FORCE LIGHTS THE WAY, TEAM UP WITH YOUR ALLIES TO SHATTER THE COMPASSIONLESS GLASS MIRROR THAT BURNS THE ELDEN RING. Save the Kingdom, Alone Make a pact with your enemies to unravel the mystery behind an evil organization. The Sacred Oath Join the Dawn and Dusk Red Guards in fighting the final battle against the Ring’s servants. Call of the Ancient Ones Featuring cast members of ‘Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel’. By the power of the Elden Ring, make your destiny your own in a land where heroes and villains alike call to you and fight your battles by your side! What’s New We have the following improvements. ■ New Game Compatibility The game can now be played with any of the following titles. ■ Characters 14 new characters have been added. ■ Enhances the Player’s Stories Imply new story progression without changing the


    What’s new:

    Abstract The new fantasy action RPG “Beyond the Lands Between” presents a vivid world full of excitement. A vast world where you can enjoy the theme of an adventurer with an open mind. A vast world, in which open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected, awaits you. You will play as a hero with a strong will, who is guided by your grace and learns the strengths of each weapon and magic. A vast world where you discover the boundless charm of a vast world, where you can enjoy the theme of an adventurer with an open mind. You will experience the boundless charm of a vast world, where the joy of exploring and discovering countless adventures awaits you. The hero that is led by your grace, and learns the strengths of weapons and magic, will leave behind his past. Each approach to the game is a different adventure, each with various themes and possibilities. You will discover the thrill of the Adventure according to your character. A huge land with plenty of action.A vast world where a large number of adventurers gather and toil in the fields. A huge land of fantasy where at night there are horrific monsters and dangerous dungeons… but not at night, we can see the beautiful and huge world in the daytime! While you run and do battle in your trusty steed, you will also be able to enjoy the scenery to your heart’s content! THE STORY OF A GREAT EPIC ADVENTURE A new fantasy action RPG “Beyond the Lands Between” featuring the game genre of “Adventure City” will be released. We are excited to present a new fantasy, where we present the overall concept as well as all the key points of the game. The hero whose name is “Rise, Tarnished” will lead the adventure, while concealing his own identity and skills. The hero guides his companions and takes you into the vast labyrinth of dungeons. The expansive setting of “Beyond the Lands Between” will be animated in a world that is part fantasy, part illusion, where huge monsters roam alongside elegant magic. CONTENT NOTE: This game requires the use of an external audio player in order to fully enjoy the audio. TORUS Game Streaming Service is a direct-to-consumer application that takes advantage of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets to provide Nintendo Switch games directly to fans throughout the world. Launching this June, TORUS Game Streaming Service will be


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