this dating app is awesome. glance and you know exactly what’s going on with the people around you. the app is best for making friends, not hookups, but if you have boyfriend or your bae is using the app, you won’t have to give up your “friends with benefits” status with the baller.

tinder is where i first discovered that “traditional” dating just doesn’t work. within the first few weeks, i was matched with several potential “dates.” when i saw that none of them seemed to be the one, i decided to quit. it was a good decision because a few months later, i met the man i’m married to today.

the app, a bit like tinder, is also a big part of that. again, theres a clear division of users: men, women and couples. users need to opt in by completing a registration form, but after that its a pretty straight-forward process. you swipe left for no, and right to agree. you search through the list, and the app keeps you up to date with which profiles are in the area you want to travel to.

naturally, most of the people on these apps have taken an interest in the subject, so use the filters on the left to set your distance requirements. find someone nearby, someone a little further away or perhaps someone who is located in a location that has always been difficult for you to get to. you can then chat and see if there is any chemistry.

premium accounts cost $9.95 per month, but offers are worth it when it comes to the connections you are able to make with other like-minded users. theres a plethora of things to do when talking to people, which makes it easier to be creative when you want to meet someone with similar interests.