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Yoroi YC2 Ever wished to store your USB sticks or memory cards in a single collection for quick access? Worried about being able to find that USB stick or memory card in a folder that consists of hundreds of files? Well, with the Yoroi YC2 app, you can do this with ease. Features: * Create a new folder or a collection for all your USB sticks and memory cards (Windows 8 only) * Create USB sticks and memory cards automatically (Windows 8 only) * Enter a number, letter or date to get automatic triggers on files (*1) (Windows 8 only) * Quickly browse and get the file name and date (*1) (Windows 8 only) * 3 modes: “Folder”, “Collection” and “Trigger” (Windows 8 only) * Paste any image into the collection (Windows 8 only) * Sort the collection by name or date (Windows 8 only) * Option to prevent any file or folder to be displayed in the collection Yoroi YC2 will allow you to create a new folder or a collection by dragging and dropping either a USB or memory stick. Any letter or number will trigger the app to search through the previous drives (or memory cards) to find the target file. To bring the collection to your attention, the app automatically triggers when a new file or folder is created. Once triggered, the app will reveal all the details of the current file in a temporary panel in the bottom left of the screen. Apart from the rather straightforward interface, the app offers some degree of flexibility by letting users choose what they wish to do with the targeted files: * “Delete this item”: Delete the file from the device (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Append to collection”: Add this item to the collection (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Add to collection”: Add this item to the collection (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Paste into YC2”: Paste this item into YC2 (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Email this item”: Email this item (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Save”: Save the file as the default archive (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Open”: Open the file (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Copy”: Copy the file (*1) (Windows 8 only) * “Trash”: Trash the file (*

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Password vault and organizer. Personal notes manager for passwords. Keep your passwords safe and organized. Create your own password database and choose to host it locally or on a remote FTP server. Manage and organize your credentials with organizer folders and customizable details. Share your password vaults with your friends and family! Paste your password vault and password to clipboard for sharing. Compose new password vault from existing password based on fuzzy search and replace. Create new password vault: • Choose location (local, remote FTP server) • Choose title • Choose organizer folder • Choose name • Add new password • Choose Fuzzy search and replace • Choose Paste from Clipboard as password • Manage ‘Copy to clipboard’ with a new icon • Show details of password Delete: • Single password entry • Multiple password entries • All local password vaults • All remote password vaults • Password vaults of all users History: • Search history • Add new search term • Synchronize history between local and remote password vaults • Change password • Export password vault to Word • Export password vault to PDF • Export password vault to CSV • Export passwords to PDF • Export passwords to CSV • Export the selected passwords to Word • Export the selected passwords to PDF • Delete selected passwords from clipboard • Show all remote FTP password vaults • Share password vault Find: • Search password vaults by title • Search password vaults by username • Fuzzy search and replace • Fuzzy search and replace between two password vaults • Fuzzy search and replace between two password vaults and all users • Fuzzy search and replace between two password vaults and all users • Fuzzy search and replace between two user’s password vault • Fuzzy search and replace between all users password vault • Clear search term • Clear the highlighted text • Highlight all the words • Clear all the text • View changelog • View manual • Support to save settings when app is closed Permissions: • Accounts Storage Permissions • Internet Permissions • Storage Permissions Minimum requirements: • Windows 10 Important: • Passnote is a memory and processing consuming app. Install Passnote to your computer as soon as possible. Enter the unique combination of methods to become a part of the adventure Rediscover some b7e8fdf5c8

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Keep your data safe Making your data completely inaccessible to hackers is possible. We’ve build a browser extension that provides you with access to secure local Password Safe. …and organized Being able to manage your passwords simply can’t get any easier than this. With just a few touches you’ll have your credentials nicely organized. Save your data offline No matter where you travel or what platform you use, you can always access your Password Safe. Password Safe will keep your data safe, even when you’re offline. …and synced We’ve put a lot of effort in making sure all your data is synced. Any changes will be instantly available on all your devices. Easy and intuitive It’s easy to use and doesn’t take much time to get your hands on all your passwords. No time limit You’re not limited to a certain amount of passwords. You’re not even limited to 10 minutes. Import your data with drag and drop Download your favorite password manager from the web, import the data and you’re ready to go. Keep your passwords secure Password Safe protects your data with 256-bit encryption. Check out our webpage and download the browser extension now! more infodownload Sniper Elite 3 is a third-person, action-adventure stealth game set in the Cold War era. It’s a PC exclusive, developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Deep Silver. The game uses the Sniper Elite license. Gameplay Sniper Elite 3 puts you in the role of Agent 47, a highly trained operative who carries out his deadly missions in New York City during the 1960s. The gameplay of Sniper Elite 3 relies heavily on the player’s ability to quickly and silently sneak through a level. While 47 is capable of a wide variety of attacks, such as killing enemies with silencers, throwing gas canisters, and throwing Molotov cocktails, stealth is the player’s most useful technique in killing enemies. Players can use 47’s binoculars to get a good view of a room and spot enemies that 47 has marked with his crosshairs. Once 47 has spotted an enemy, the player must carefully aim and shoot the enemy from a distance. To avoid getting hurt, 47 should quickly move behind cover while using bursts of ammunition to take enemies out as quickly as possible. Like in the previous Sniper Elite games, 47 can switch weapons quickly and unload his entire clip before taking a

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It allows users to organize their passwords in an organized manner so that they don’t have to keep their credentials safe and secure on a whim. All you need to do is to enter the credentials for your various website and create your own password database and it will take care of the rest! Passnote Discussion and review: [Rating: 3.8/5] 1. What are the best/worst features of Passnote? 2. What does this app do that no other top apps do? 3. What are some potential problems or difficulties people might experience while using Passnote? 4. Is this app worth its price? 5. Any additional tips or suggestions? 6. What are some alternatives to this app? Passnote is a password vault (but it’s more than that, too). It lets you create a vault you can access from other devices and organize your passwords so they aren’t lost. With Passnote, you can add your email/password, banking info, etc into a vault and easily access those things from multiple devices. I like how you can easily view and edit the details you put in your vault. You can even sort your passwords and easily create a password generator. The only downside is that it only works on Mac and Windows – if you use something else, you’re out of luck. It’s also pretty expensive and can be a little complicated to get started with, so I’d probably only recommend it for avid users of password vaults (like, I use my vault on all my computers and smartphones). The best feature of Passnote is that you can easily create a password vault and organize the various website credentials you have. You can name it whatever you want, select a category for the vault, add a title, choose a default password and then click “create vault.” From there, you can add all your website credentials and then fill out any other useful details. All you need to do is click the Add button and you’re done! Many websites now require you to save your passwords in a password vault. Passnote gives you access to all your vaulted passwords and allows you to easily view your password details. You can create multiple vaults, and choose to store them on your PC or remotely. Just log in once and you’re good to go! This password vault is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping

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Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7. 1 GHz Dual-Core or better processor 1 GB RAM 2 GB free hard-disk space Microsoft Silverlight 10/11 or Adobe Flash Player 11.2/11.3/11.4 Viewer software: MS Office 2010 or later or Apple iWork 2011 or later, optional. DVD Player, High Definition TV, Blue-Ray Player, or Set-top Box is essential. Ask HN: Recruitment Software