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the success of the first edition and the warm response that we received encouraged us to come up with subsequent editions constantly incorporating the latest advances in the field. over the last 18 years we have had six editions of the book and numerous reprints. an estimated half a million dentists and dental students have studied the book in various countries around the world. the sixth edition of the book is divided into nine sections each dealing with an aspect of orthodontics. the initial sections are aimed at understanding the basic concepts of growth and development and malocclusion. the later sections guide the reader to diagnosis and treatment aspects and help the reader to apply the gained knowledge on patients. the sixth edition of the book has three new chapters added. the chapter on clear plastic removable appliances gives the reader a basic understanding of the recent developments in the use of invisalign and other clear aesthetic appliances. a chapter on the role of orthodontist in management of sleep apnoea is added to enable the dentist to identify and treat these patients and refer them for advanced care.

this case report reiterates the fact that selective alveolar decortication in conjunction with periodontal alveolar augmentation with a bone graft indubitably and efficaciously produces rapid orthodontic tooth movement. a 29-year-old woman presented with a class i malocclusion and increased bidentoalveolar protrusion with increased spacing between the maxillary and mandibular incisors. she readily agreed to selective alveolar decortication in conjunction with periodontal alveolar augmentation with a bone graft when presented with the proposal that her malocclusion could be corrected in one-third the treatment time required for conventional orthodontics. a preadjusted edgewise appliance (roth prescription, 0.022 x 0.028-inch slot) was placed prior to the surgical procedure. one week later, full-thickness labial and lingual flaps were reflected in the maxillary and mandibular arches. the alveolar bone was selectively decorticated and periodontally augmented with a bone graft. starting 1 week postsurgically, orthodontic adjustments were carried out every 2 weeks. from bracketing to debracketing, the entire orthodontic treatment took 7 months. the rapid orthodontic tooth movement was attributed to the regional acceleratory phenomenon, triggered by selective alveolar decortication.


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