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The rise of wireless connectivity requires engineers to ensure the safe and efficient routing of signals within their designs. Engineers can use powerline communications (PLC) to accomplish this, connecting electronics directly to existing utility power or lighting infrastructure. More than ever before, engineers are tasked with designing systems that safely and efficiently perform in a variety of environments, from factory floors to the outdoors. This requires them to not only develop systems capable of protecting themselves from harsh environments and inclement weather, but also be compatible with existing infrastructure. Multiphysics simulation tools can be invaluable in both situations.

As an example, a research group is developing a new drug in a team setting. The team breaks into cells and isolates the mRNA from the cell. This mRNA samples the DNA of the cell. The team then sequences the mRNA of the DNA to create a blueprint, and design a “miracle” protein. The process takes several weeks, and is very costly. The team needs a way to analyze the biological samples and quantify the amount of material, so they can determine how much of the proteins to make.

Sometimes the engineers must collaborate with manufacturers to quickly create prototypes of new designs. This collaboration requires development of a prototype with the manufacturer, and then evaluation of the prototype once it has been developed. Multiphysics simulation tools can help engineers develop models and create prototypes quickly.

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