NetBot Attacker VIP 6.0

the built-in ping tool can be used to check connectivity to a computer or network. this can be used to check if a system is actually still connected to the internet or if the attacker can control the network. if you ever get an error message like this: netbios over tcp/ip name lookup failed with error: nbf_not_found ( 0x0 ). this usually means the attacker is attempting to gain access to a device that he/she doesnt have access to.

this is pretty self-explanatory, its designed to create a backdoor allowing the attacker to take full control of the system. using the windows command prompt, they can run one of many exploits to gain root access to the system. the question is why? well, the answer is usually something like, i can use this to control your computer or to perform any action you would normally do.

this is pretty easy to use when you look at the command line. its very simple to use and can be installed on any system or network. the malware will then use the internet to download and install a backdoor called backdoor.win32.scherbot.a. this backdoor will do exactly as it says, it will backdoor the system. in this case, the attackers will then perform a c&c communication to a server, where the server will give them a command to execute. this is a really simple backdoor and will allow the attacker to have complete control of the system.

once the attacker knows the system is connected to the internet, he/she will next use a tool called ping myip to find out the actual ip address of the system. this can usually be easily guessed, however, if the attacker is trying to hide their identity, he/she will use a proxy to access the internet.