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it is one of the fastest noise reduction plugins i have used. if you own an older or slower mac with a first-generation apple silicon cpu, the plugin will likely perform better than most. if you own a newer mac with a faster cpu, the plugin will still perform well, and will likely outperform other noise reduction applications. it’s not because of the cpu, it’s because neat image was built from the ground up to work on the latest silicon.

there are other noise reduction plugins on the market that have software-based algorithms that are as effective as neat image, and for many photographers, these plugins are cheaper. many of those plugins, however, are still tied to older intel cpus. neat image is the first such plugin to provide an equal or better performance on any mac that has an apple silicon cpu. there are always exceptions to the rules. some of the extra features of neat image are:

neat image pro does not claim to remove all noise from your images. some noise is always going to be there, and as long as it doesn’t look unnatural, you can always do some post-processing to improve it later on. neat image is more about reducing the visible noise, and its success depends on how much noise you can see in your images. if you have low-contrast images, it won’t do much to help you. if you have high-contrast images, it will help you a lot.

the first thing to realize is that neat image works best on images that have a lot of flat areas. it works by finding the noise in flat areas and blurring them out. if the noise in your image is not flat, it may not be able to find the noise and you’ll get no improvement. that’s the other thing to realize: neat image is only as good as the noise you have. the filter won’t do much if the noise is actually good enough that it is imperceptible in the end result. for example, a file with very little grain, but lots of noise that looks fine is not likely to improve much with neat image. a file with lots of grain and little noise would improve quite a bit.

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