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Rtl Designed by your HamRadio’s Peak, the RTL-SDR-Software version 2.1.0 has been released. What’s new in 2.1.0? -The FFT-Settings have been left in . Antonio, Glad to have you here! I’m sure there will be someone who’s more-familiar with the RF front-end. This is your first post, so I’d love if you could just give an overview about your setup. 1. Do you do any conversion after the Front-End? 2. What software are you using? and what kit? 3. This is the first post, but I would love to see a lot more like this, so please, keep it up! I’ll be waiting for more posts 🙂 Doing the conversion for M-Audio 2020 Audio interface to an USB Audio Interface. EasyJet is running a pre sale offer. And the heat is on to get hold of one of the new ijets. My tuner is the Kenwood TM9600 2.1. The TM9600 has 2.1 digital output and is 24.1 for recording. Its not a control surface, its a real rig. Recently upgraded from the Tascam 1480 to the 1700. In the process of putting together a live rig, a lot of trial and error as well as actual costs taking into consideration what I thought I would like. If you guys have an idea on where to start other than direct to the Tascam site I would appreciate it. Hi, gud day. I have a mixer, a control surface and a few microphones, a 714 for FM. Is the RTL-SDR-Software 2.2.0 ready for the public yet? I would like to buy it. Please answer my mail to I want to buy it. I will thank you in your next post. Hello Antonio, It looks like your super nice rig 🙂 What is your favourite software? And where did you get the RTL-SDR2.2? (I already ordered it) You are the first RTL-SDR-user in my list of friends, so: congratulations and welcome 648931e174

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