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WP Graphics provides some of the best online graphics products out there. In this episode you’ll hear from owner Paul Radich about the company, and also about how to get the best results from the tools in the box. Check out WP Graphics’ Presets and Plug-ins, their new editing system, and much more, plus you’ll learn why their prices have remained on the low side for so long.

Need a more qualitative, hands-on proofing experience? A company that actually specializes in helping you, in the form of a long-term relationship with a dedicated account rep? Blackbridge has you covered. In this episode, we hear from King Kong, who has been with Blackbridge for just over 3 years now. He has acquired many skills since joining Blackbridge as an account rep, and his latest project was actually two-fold: He was able to present us with the value Blackbridge can add to people who work remotely. He also demonstrated to us the value of working with a skilled account rep who is able to pick up new skills quickly. For anyone else considering outsourcing, Blackbridge is one of the few services we know of that will be able to help you.

Mark Hux is a veteran web developer who has worked with a wide range of technologies and programming languages. He is a long-time blogger, and a regular contributor to many other blogs. He is a member of the HTML Working Group for W3C, and has been a contributor to the mailto specification, as well as a co-author of the rich web specifications. For the Mozilla team, he was a co-discoverer of the CSS Box Model and Box Sizing properties, as well as author of a significant early revision of the CSS Shorthand property.

GoDaddy, in this episode, is the best known global web services company that does much to help people achieve Internet success through their own websites. But what we’re going to hear about in this episode is a different kind of web services company from around the world: one whose staff and personnel have a special mission: helping websites to succeed, by helping website hosts to succeed.