MajorRadio provides access a multitude of streaming radio stations. Music stations from around the world. MajorRadio is perfect for dance clubs, mobile DJ’s, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and of course home and office users. Whatever your taste you are guaranteed to find something of interest in the huge and easy to search collection of live radio stations. MajorRadio stands for quality, choices, and easy of use. There is no need for any 3rd party clients to be installed, everything that you will ever need to listen to any station type is already included. Requirements: ■ Pentium II, Celeron or AMD 1 GHz ■ 64 MB RAM (95,98,ME), 128 MB RAM (2000, 2003, XP) ■ No special soundcard, just Windows compatible. We haven’t found one that does not work with MajorRadio. Limitations: ■ 10 minutes trial









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– [MajorRadio] Contains all radio stations from all world – [MajorRadio] Use some radio stations that you can hear with headphones – [MajorRadio] Even work on itunes or windows media player – [MajorRadio] It’s Free and legal! MajorRadio Alternatives: – [MajorRadio] Is free and legal, compared to [DJ] XX – [MajorRadio] Is easy to use and compatible with all devices – [MajorRadio] Has thousands of radio stations MinorRadio Description: – [MinorRadio] Use some radio stations that you can hear with headphones – [MinorRadio] Even work on itunes or windows media player – [MinorRadio] It’s Free and legal! MinorRadio Alternatives: – [DJ] XX – [TuneIn Radio] – [SSTV Radio] – [RadioFish Radio] – [Belger Radio] – [Strava Radio] – [Radio4ALL] – [RadioClub1] – [RadioClub2] – [RadioClub3] – [RadioClub4] – [RadioClub5] – [RadioClub6] – [RadioClub7] – [RadioClub8] – [RadioClub9] – [RadioClub10] – [RadioClub11] – [RadioClub12] – [RadioClub13] – [RadioClub14] – [RadioClub15] – [RadioClub16] – [RadioClub17] – [RadioClub18] – [RadioClub19] – [RadioClub20] – [RadioClub21] – [RadioClub22] – [RadioClub23] – [RadioClub24] – [RadioClub25] – [RadioClub26] – [RadioClub27] – [RadioClub28] – [RadioClub29] – [RadioClub30] – [RadioClub31] – [RadioClub32] – [RadioClub33] – [RadioClub34] – [RadioClub35] – [RadioClub36] – [RadioClub37] – [RadioClub38] – [RadioClub39] – [RadioClub40] – [RadioClub41] – [RadioClub42] – [RadioClub43]

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■ It all started in Sydney Australia at midday on a glorious sunny Sydney day in 1999. 3 friends were hanging out at a local coffee shop and started talking about the music they were listening to on the internet. One was listening to a North American station and the other 2 were listening to a local station. Neither of them were listening to the same music. They just wanted a way to meet each other and listen to some different music. ■ Our friends decided to put their idea into action and the first Major radio was born! ■ MajorRadio Crack Free Download was originally only available for free as it was being used by the 3 friends who started it. Majorradio did not want to be owned by anyone so it was completely free. ■ Majorradio’s goal was always to be the best radio application on the internet, so it uses the most advanced streaming and playing technology available. The two new friends said; “lets build a company and make this into a good product so we can make some money”. And so Majorradio was born. Majorradio focuses on getting people together through music and helping people to listen to things they might not have heard of. Majorradio is always evolving to stay ahead of the curve and give the customer the best possible experience. Majorradio has been a success since it’s launch in Sydney, Australia in 1999 and the rest is history. Majorradio is available to everyone with a web connection. ■ MajorRadio has a great range of features available including a cool search function for easy music discovery. Users can search and play music by artist, by album or by genre. Users can also search for songs by using the web search or with local results. ■ Majorradio is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP and Vista. ■ MajorRadio contains the best possible quality MP3 and AAC streaming with no interruptions. ■ Listening to MajorRadio is a simple matter of dragging and dropping the music you want into the list and play it. With MajorRadio. ■ Majorradio uses clean, simple design with 8 skin tones. MajorRadio’s own skin tones are available to change the look of MajorRadio. ■ Majorradio allows sharing music by podcast, music suggestions and much more. Majorradio has been designed from the ground up with an easy to use and setup interface that is easy to use for anyone, even total beginners. ■ MajorRadio currently supports over 6000 b7e8fdf5c8


MajorRadio is easy to use. The next time you are in a club or bar and want to listen to some live music without dealing with some random 3rd party client, MajorRadio will be there for you! MajorRadio can be installed on a floppy disk, cdrom, hard drive or networked so you can access it from any computer with a network connection, or a dial-up internet connection. If you would like MajorRadio to appear after the installation in the Add/Remove Programs you must run it again in the Run box: “C:\MajorRadio\MajorRadio.exe” MajorRadio is a Windows95, 98, Me, 2000, 2003 compatible app. MajorRadio Includes: ■ MajorRadio player – a full featured player for your live stations. ■ MajorRadio Server – a very powerful server application to feed the MajorRadio player live stations. ■ MajorRadio Player & Server Setup Wizard – a simple setup wizard to configure and run MajorRadio and server. ■ MajorRadio AutoUpdater – a handy software update tool to check for new MajorRadio versions on your machines. ■ MajorRadio Converter – a simple yet powerful app to convert your stored live radio stations into MajorRadio compatible audio files. ■ MajorRadio News – a full featured news app for your live news radio stations. ■ MajorRadio Configuration Wizard – a simple setup wizard to configure and run MajorRadio and server. ■ MajorRadio Data Converter – a simple yet powerful data conversion tool to convert your stored live radio stations into MajorRadio compatible data files. *This version of MajorRadio has been released by the author for free. It is not supported by or affiliated to MPEGLA or any other 3rd party. Version history: Version 1.0 – May 25, 2005 Version 1.1 – June 17, 2005 Version 1.2 – July 27, 2005 Version 1.2.1 – August 24, 2005 Version 1.2.1a – August 25, 2005 Version 1.3 – August 28, 2005 Version 1.3.1 – September 29, 2005 Version 1.4 – October 2, 2005 Version 1.4.1 – October 12, 2005 Version 1.4.2 – October 13, 2005 Version 1.4.3 – October 13, 2005 Version 1.5 – October 18, 2005 Version 1.5

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1. Major Radio is the best live radio application for your PC in the world. 2. Available radio stations: MajorRadio has 10,000+ live radio stations and counting. ■ Major Radio allows you to listen to web radio online. Live radio stations with video screens as you listen! ■ Select a station to listen to or by type such as Trance, Classic, Eurotrance, Hindi, Pop, Hindi Pop, Rock, Pop, Rock Pop, Rock HipHop, Rock Soul, Reggae, Trance, Nu Disco, or any combination. 3. MajorRadio is for all platforms and operating systems, compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP (32 bit and 64 bit), Vista, Win 7, and Mac. 4. Listen for free! ■ You can try our audio broadcasting service without even using a credit card. Don’t worry, there is no any late payment to be concern. 5. Listening and searching is fast and easy. 6. MajorRadio has come to save all your time and hard effort. 7. MajorRadio had been installed on over 25,000 PCs, Macs, Linux computers, and has more than 700,000 registered users. 8. Real time web radio stations. 9. Free! You can listen to live radio stations for free for 10 minutes. No registration required. The above and many more features are available for your free download. Download MajorRadio for free today and enjoy! A website that allows you to listen to live stream of selected Radio Channel, also supports selectable music style with the option to download the stream in MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA or FLAC format. MP3radio is a live radio streaming application developed for Windows that allows you to listen to Radio and podcasts from the internet for free. It has a library with 200 radio stations and over 200 podcasts. You can define different playlists and listen to them in MP3 format. There is also a search feature to quickly find a radio station. Radio, is a cross-platform radio streaming app built for Windows and Linux. Using your web browser, you can listen to any public web radio broadcast. You can search for available stations and browse thousands of music lists. The interface is simple and clean, and you can select the XM/Sirius/SiriusXM quality. This app will bring you a new way to experience and discover live web

System Requirements For MajorRadio:

· 64 bit processor and at least 4 GB RAM · NVIDIA or AMD GPU with at least DirectX 11.1 · 4 GB RAM for installation · Minimum 2 GB free disk space to install Please note that these features are for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual version that will be released. Please note that, on some platforms, the graphics requirements may be higher than the minimum. About is a First Person Shooter with many unique features. In this type of game, the player is a soldier or