Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Hackintosh (By Niresh12495)

2. extract file and run the setup.exe file. the setup will complete the installation of mac os x lion 10.7.2. after installing the lion os, you will be asked to reboot your mac os x lion laptop. when you boot up your mac os x lion, you will be greeted with a black screen. this is because the mac os x lion is not installed on your hard drive. now, plug in your usb drive and reboot your laptop. the installation will begin with a progress bar. when the bar is complete, the mac os x lion is installed.

4. now, boot up your mac os x lion, and install the applications and tweaks you want on your hackintosh. you can use any.dmg or.pkg file for it. to install applications, open the applications and then drag the.dmg file to your hard drive and it will be installed.

5. the one thing i like about this hackintosh is the ability to adjust and customize the dock and menubar in lion. to do this, go to this page and follow the instructions. you will need to have the hardware to make this happen, like a thunderbolt dock and an apple keyboard. i have built a hackintosh with a 50 gb ssd and a 500 gb hard drive. that should be enough to make it run smoothly.

the lion install file is only compatible with mac pro 1,1’s. snow leopard will install on any mac pro and will not require any edits. you will need to update the boot flag to be able to boot into mac os x lion.

i have been testing this mac os x 10.7 lion installation for a while now. it has been extremely stable. a couple of observations:

  • in order to boot the installer, your machine must have a via chipset. my asus motherboard does not work (it has an intel chipset) but i am able to run 10.6 lion on it as i have a separate sata drive for the vm.
  • once booted, the install is normally fairly smooth. however it is possible to run into some odd issues with some apple software (especially if you are running 64 bit). most of the software that comes with os x will run on 64 bit without any changes. if you run into an issue, you can always hit the apple site and see if they have a specific update to the software.

2. second, you will need to install the mac os x lion 10.7.5 installer on your mac. the easiest way to do this is to plug in your usb stick or dvd drive and boot from it. then, you will be prompted to boot the mac os x lion installer. the bootable usb stick / dvd method of installing the mac os x lion will probably be faster than the other methods. most of the time you will need to do this is when you need to install lion on a new mac. on the other hand, this method will not work if your mac is older or the version of mac os x is lion os x 10.7.5. 1. first, you need to create a bootable usb stick or dvd. this method does not work with older mac os x or mac os x lion versions. you can download a bootable media from the bootablemedia website. to create a bootable dvd, you will need to use itoaster. if you want to create a bootable usb stick, you can use universal usb installer. in a nutshell, your mac laptop can boot mac os x lion 10.7 hackintosh. but you will need a special motherboard and a special build of mac os x. the guide has two parts: installing the mac os x lion 10.7 hackintosh and then adding a hackintosh specific folder to your apple mac. the first steps involves downloading lion and installing it. download lion 10.7 and install it. don’t install the mac os x lion 10.7 straight from the app store. you will need to mount and modify the efi partition and this guide will walk you through that process. step 1: mount the efi partition to a folder on your drive. apple provides a specific installer for lion 10.7 hackintosh that allows you to modify the efi partition. in order to use this, you need to mount the efi partition to a folder on your drive. to do that, type this into a terminal window: sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/disk0s2 /volumes/efi you can now navigate to the efi volume by typing this into a terminal window: cd /volumes/efi 5ec8ef588b