.Angelito Nievas is an original, world-class, award-winning salsa dancer who, at 21, has won international competitions across North America, Mexico and Europe. He has danced all over the world as an international celebrity and best-selling salsa artist. A New York Times-bestselling author and movie director, Angelito is a four-time semi-finalist on the World Latin Dance Championship dance team and has choreographed and starred in his own salsa movies: The Man on Fire (Salsa Directo) Salsa History (Salsa Cross Style) Rumba Dreams (Salsa Romantico) Salsa Instructor (Salsa Not Doghouse) Angelito is the first and only salsa artist to have performed on the Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live, with the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy, as well as numerous other TV shows and movies. Angelito’s popular, high-energy salsa workout videos have reached the No. 1 spot on iTunes in the Dance/Electronica category.In the fiber optic telecommunications industry, optical communication systems typically use optical fibers to transmit optical signals over long distances at high speeds. In addition, the fiber optic telecommunications industry is a recognized provider of network equipment, such as switches, amplifiers, dispersion compensators, wavelength converters, attenuators and wavelength selective switches. Optical attenuators, for example, are used to control the level of attenuation in an optical fiber link. Such control allows an operator to match the optical power of a transmitter to that of a receiver. In addition, control of attenuation can provide numerous other benefits, such as increase signal to noise ratio, isolating faulted lines, monitoring loop performance, and simplifying the installation process. As one specific application, optical attenuators have become indispensable to the maintenance and deployment of fiber optic systems. The use of conventional attenuation mechanisms, such as a mechanically variable variable attenuator, will not work in fiber optic applications due to the characteristics of the transmission medium. Because optical fibers are not only structurally strong, but also are highly stable and remarkably immune to electromagnetic interference, fiber optic attenuation is achieved only by the use of a device that exploits the physical attenuation properties of the fibers. Mechanically variable attenuators use piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, or electrostrictive materials to apply mechanical force

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