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rear window is a 1931 comedy-thriller film in which mysterious events develop in a crowded apartment window’s observer’s apartment. this movie is a black comedy, a serious suspense film and a romantic melodrama. in it, james stewart plays a man who frequently watches other people’s lives from his window, because he feels like he is missing something. his neighbors are not in the movie, but he watches and relates the events and feelings of the people in the film. at one point in the film, his neighbors’ neurotic landlord, mrs. palmer (margaret sullavan), comes into his apartment looking for her cat. he is about to open the window, but stops himself to act like he is having a “spell”. later, when he sees that a woman was having her portrait taken while in the bathroom and it has been “framed”, he believes she is in love with the man who took the picture. at this point, the woman enters the room and sees him in his window, looking and watching her. it has a horrifying twist ending, with the girl in the bathtub wearing a red dress and a white towel in which a man is about to kill himself. it also marked the first appearance of james stewart’s famous “once-a-guy, always-a-guy” line, “what’s that? hello?!” a national film registry inductee, the film is credited with having virtually launched the careers of director alfred hitchcock and actor james stewart. it is considered a classic and is rated “a-” by critics. it was nominated for five academy awards, including best picture.

in 1941, no one could have predicted the magnitude of the talent the mainstream studios would seek out for u.s.-released foreign productions. robert siodmak’s 1944 nazi propaganda drama the spiral staircase (imaginatively titled the spiral staircase), a remake of his 1934 film joan of arc, will never fade from memory as a lone visionary cry in the wilderness. a relatively unknown director, siodmak was offered an assignment of huge proportion. the nazis were searching for ways to refashion their grandiose propaganda film style into a kind of artistic and commercial hit. although the production of the spiral staircase occurred in hollywood, much of the crew was german. the director and cinematographer were jens kuhn and heinrich maria ledig, two popular german faces who had been working at max reinhardt’s german theater company in hollywood since the 1930s. the british director michael powell wrote the original screenplay as well as the 1941 version based on h. g. wells’ first science fiction novel, the time machine. the original and expanded versions of the story cover different periods in the life of protagonist yvonne de carlo, a young woman of french parentage who lives in chicago’s slums. yvonne, who is unusually intelligent and well educated, is a devout catholic whose ability to survive in the city streets is sorely tested by economic disaster. a stern but tender guardian angel, she is adored by her mother, who lives vicariously through her daughter’s trials. recruited into the rca spy ring known as the firm, yvonne’s assignment is to kidnap a nazi radio scientist to learn the secrets of a super-death ray. she fails spectacularly, but is saved from execution by a mysterious german baroness, who helps the highborn yvonne escape across the ocean to war-ravaged europe. hiding her intelligence from the gestapo, yvonne uses her wiles to persuade the baroness to help her. they are joined by a french officer on the run from the nazis. together, they journey back in time to the year 1942, arriving in a german country village that the baroness and her son think will be safe. back in the u., yvonne’s estranged german husband, a lieutenant colonel, is under investigation for treason. over the next several years, she is often persecuted by the fbi, the british secret service, and the gestapo, until she finally reunites with her heroic defender. the spiral staircase is a well-written, exciting story with touching and effective characters. as a vehicle for a star, it does not have the potential of many other films, but it is certain to live in the memory of those who saw it for a long time to come. the feature is a neo-noir masterpiece. it is one of the most emotionally affecting films i have ever seen, and it is a film that no one should miss. the alternative to a remake, ironically, should be the 1993 polish film, repulsion (aka grad oświecenia, or kingdom of the blind), a drama about a polish couple who, while fleeing the nazis in their native land, become infected with the nazis’ sexual psychosis. while this story could not be more directly tied to the noir theme of the spiral staircase, any other could achieve the same effect. the thing that elevates the film to greatness is the skill of the actors. their performances are strong and sincere, but they are also terrific. de carlo, whose role is that of a lethal beauty, is a natural star of the type once seen in black narcissus (1947) or all about eve (1950).[updated2022[latest[winmac[april2022723[winmac-april2022481