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people do not have confidence in the government for tackling the issue of growing terrorism. if we do not invest in improving our education system, which can ensure growth of our economic and social development, we are doomed to failure,’says mahajan. this will not be the case. we have chosen a vision for the city which defines the need of addressing the pressing challenges like education, particularly education for girls, employment for youth, especially youth with disabilities, and the right to practice our faith and have access to legal justice. but the government has to respond with concrete steps to realise this vision, he said.

the committee calls for a relaxation of rules on the social status of widows and of the “saadh” status, allowing them to visit their husbands’ graves. the committee proposed that the 41 existing nikah mut’ahis, which have no clear legal status, should be converted into marriages. it will ask the government to consider that done.

i am very passionate about heritage; i want to preserve this heritage at all costs. i know the importance of the traditional items i am bringing out to auction for the museum. museums should be respected and of course preserved. traditional items can be really beautiful and can have a place in the museum.

our history: the history of alshifa multispeciality hospital, jamia nagar, new delhi goes back to the year 1974. the principal goal of this hospital was to provide quality healthcare services to the people of the ncr region. alshifa has grown over the years and now the hospital runs in a very unique way, which has been driven by dedication and commitment of the doctors, nurses and other staff as well as several philanthropists. a high standard of professional ethics and customer satisfaction is maintained by alshifa, constantly.

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