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the input parameter is name of the igoprimoexedownload xml file that was passed to this function. the output parameter is the name of a file or a variable into which the decoded content of the input file is stored. as an example, if the parameter output is named output.html then the contents of the igoprimoexedownload xml file will be encoded and written to output.html; if output is named output.text then the contents of the igoprimoexedownload xml file will be written to output.text in plain text format.

this module is the implementation of a module that takes an xml document and converts it in a catalogue of books. this is useful if you have to create a local catalog of books in a specific situation. it was designed to support the data from the gutenberg project , but it can be customized to work with any xml directory.

 igoprimoexedownload [-a | -k | -s] [-f | -h | -m] [-t | -x] [-n | -l | -d] [-v] [-v_version] [-t | -x | -r | -w] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] 
 igoprimoexedownload [-a | -k | -s] [-f | -h | -m] [-t | -x] [-n | -l | -d] [-v] [-v_version] [-t | -x | -r | -w] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] [-v | -v_version] [-r | -w] 
 [-a] get system files(s) [-k] put new system files in /.

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