=== COMMUNITY === • More than 164 million monthly active users • More than 73 million active daily users • More than 3.5 million total applications created to date • More than 1.1 million total daily active games • Over 8.5 million apps rated or considered “worth playing” • More than 2.5 million apps reviewed by users to date • Approved apps on the Home screen on every mobile device • More than 6.5 million likes • More than 3.7 million discussions on the “”Lift Off”” channel • More than 2.8 million followers on Roblox and YouTube • More than 1.8 million VR and AR videos • More than 1.1 million game uploads to YouTube • More than 2.1 million videos uploaded to Roblox Channels • More than 1.3 million communities created to date • More than 4.2 million top community posts • More than 350 million achievements earned to date • Over 300 people have made more than $1 million playing Roblox === SPECTACULAR === • More than 20 million users have played more than 6,000 games in Roblox Virtual Reality • More than 13 million users have created more than 6,000 new games • More than 4 million users have been featured in over 9,000 videos • More than 100 million games have been played • Over 110 million characters in over 14,000 games • More than 100 million users have edited over 5,000 apps • More than 80 million users have produced over 60,000 videos • More than 75 million users have rated games and apps on Roblox • More than 75 million users have left over 50 reviews of games and apps • More than 2 million creators have edited more than 10,000 videos • More than 1.4 million creators have edited more than 100 videos • More than 2 million creators have reviewed games and apps on Roblox • More than 2.1 million creators have uploaded their games to YouTube • More than 1.2 million creators have used their Robux to buy more than 5,000 apps • More than 1.5 million creators have made over 500,000+ Robux • More than 4.5 million creators have earned over $1,000,000+ playing Roblox Roblox is free to play, with in-game purchases available through a virtual


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